Monday, March 8, 2010

Dreamland Yet Depressing Country

I have heard a lot of immigrants here in America whining how depressing this country is, whether it's online or offline. Before i even got here, i didn't hear such whines and complaints how sad and lonely to be in this wealthy country that most people called "MILK AND HONEY" country. When i was young, i remembered that i always hear a lot of people talking about this lovely country where i am at now. They always praise how lovely to be in this country, how wealthy the people here, how lucky to those who were able to get in here. In my innocent mind, what kind of place are they talking about? Maybe a paradise? A heaven kind of like? I had no idea then since i was just a little girl and wasn't aware of real life yet.

But now that i am here, i can somehow relate to what they are saying. Yes it is a very lovely place to live, even though that my husband and i are just ordinary kind of people here in America, yet we live with a decent kind of life. We can buy things that we want for ourselves and for our kids, we can eat the food that we like to eat, we can do whatever we want to do. Compared to my country, a lot of people are starving and don't have a decent life. Poverty is known in my beloved country, it's sad to say but that's the fact. A lot of people doesn't have a decent life, no job to support one's family, the labor is not enough for the financial needs, even to those singles, how much more to those who are married?

Some of my colleagues is been telling me how lucky i am that i am in this dream country. Yes i somewhat agree to them that i am lucky, i have my lovely family of my own here and i am a bit spoiled to my sweet loving husband. Hubby can provide our daily needs and can buy the things that we want. But, America can never ever replace Philippines in my heart. What do you expect? I pretty much live my whole life in there since birth! I can now fully understand what most immigrants are whining about. No matter how luxurious kind of life you have here, still you are going to look for your own homeland, you will still miss it and long for it.

Living here in America sure is quite different. From cultures, there's four seasons in a year, the food, the surroundings, the people, everything! But i have to deal with all these since i am now living here with my own family. I should say, yes America is a depressing country but then on the other hand, it's a land where you dream to live.


Mommy Scart said...

Great article Darl. That's true in some part of my thoughts but yun ngalang hindi ito and dream country ko kundi ang europe hehhee. Mahirap mabuhay sa states dahil hindi madaling kitain ang pera sure madami kang makukuhang trabaho pero hindi stable kung hindi dalawa ang trabaho. madaming mga pinoy dito na naghihirap din pwera nalang yung mga nakapag-asawa ng pensionado at mayaman. swerte sila. pero marami parin mga pinoy ang kayog kalabaw sa america para umasenso. karamihan kasi sa atin dito, andito lang para mag-trabaho at mag-ipon. halimbawa nalang kaming mag-asawa. ako ok lang tumira dito habang buhay pero asawa ko gusto nya sa pinas. gusto nya mag-negosyo dun at wala syang balak mag-settle down dito. kaya lahat sa amin ngayon eh temporary lang.

pero at least dito sa america kayod kalabaw man malaki ang kita kumpara sa pinas. diba?

Utah Mommy said...

You are right Scart. Malayo pa rin ang deperensya nating mga nakatira dito kumpara sa pinas, kahit dalawa ang work mo dun hindi pa rin kasya para sa pang araw araw, unlike dito kahit mga kapritso natin nabibili dahil may konting sobra. Marami nga tayong kapritso dito pero ang heart natin nasa pinas pa rin kasi hindi mapapantayan ng foreign country and mga nakagisnan na natin.

texas_sweetie said...

well said mamu, bitaw lami kaayo paminawn OWWWWW AMERICA! spoiled with everything, provided sa tanan ug uban pa pero nagpangita man gyapon sa Pinas oi.

my husband often deals with suicidal cases bisan mga doctors ug lawyers nag suicide pa gani knowing they have all the money kay lagi depressed man sila wala na kahibaw or nakalimot na silang mangatawa mao nag suicide. Pinoy hanep kay bisan kutoy tiyan tingsi gyapon... way libog tawa gyapon bisan nangluspad nas gutom..