Sunday, May 30, 2010

Be Safe All The Time

Sure there's lots of changes here now in my country. I really thought that it's only in the USA that has everything when it comes to losing weight because they have the biggest obesity problem. I didn't know that asians nowadays are getting conscious with their unwanted extra fats that's why they try everything such as weight loss drinks just to lose some weight. Well, there's nothing wrong on keeping yourself physically good looking as long as you are not doing bad things or you are not taking anything that will harm your body or maybe the worse, could be your internal organs will make you regret later on. You better be safe by reading what you're taking than being sorry for the damage that cannot be undone.

Totally Different

Sure is so strange for me to use different computer. When i logged in here in my blogger account, at first i had trouble logging in because i almost forgot my password. If i am using my own laptop, i don't have to re enter my password since i already set it to remember my password, all i have to do is just to click the email i am using to log in and everything will be all set no problem. Also there are times that i cannot even log in here because the internet is so slow and it sometimes drives me crazy. Well, i have no choice but to deal with it temporarily while i still don't have my own internet at my mom's place. I am looking forward having it so soon. I can't stand internet cafe here because of the shouting kids playing their games, annoying and very irritating. I just hope that i can get the internet connection within this week so i can have peace of mind and privacy when i blog.

Needing Vitamins

I told my sister to take some prenatal vitamin when she told me that she is pregnant. She really needs it because she isn't that young anymore to bear a child plus she is not that healthy to get pregnant. Vitamins will help her a lot to keep the baby inside healthy. When i was pregnant with my third child, my doctor advised me to take some prenatal vitamins so that the baby will come out healthy, and indeed when my baby came out he was born perfectly healthy and big. Women that are expecting should take vitamins especially to those who are not meant to get pregnant, like having a health issue or simply just getting older and i am so sure that they will be dealing much more pain when they deliver the baby.

Maintaning My Light Weight

Being an active mom with two boys is really challenging job for me. People been asking me what my secret for keeping myself physically fit even without taking anything to maintain my light weight. I must say that the best fat burning exercise is taking care of my active two boys. Also not mentioning the fact that i have a very fast metabolism that no matter how much i eat i still don't gain that much weight. I really am so thankful and grateful because a lot of women are having difficulty to get back to the figure before birth. Their body changes so quick right after they deliver the baby and can't just easily go back to their before birth figures. Not me! I don't have trouble with it at all, i guess i must be thankful as well for my two active kids for helping me keeping myself looking so physically fit.

Not Switching It

Acne is a very common problem here in my country due to the polluted air. Dusts are everywhere especially to the big cities. That's why i really hate living in the city because it's full of stress and problems. Unlike here at my mother's place, it's much better because it's cleaner air and fresher. But still i brought some acne face wash with me just to make sure that i won't get anything that will make me embarrass to show my face to people. When we talk about face, i am so careful not to get bumps, aside from it's annoying, it's also painful and unbearable. Better to be prepare than to regret later on. I don't think my skin would just be alright with some products here, i try not to switch from one product to another here and then because it sometimes can cause problems to do that.

He's Got The Talent

We just barely got back with my youngest brother from my friend's house. She is also in United States right now and asked me a favor if i could take my brother to her mom's house so he can fix her computer. The computer hasn't been working for awhile now and she was worried that it might not work anymore. There were two technicians that already looked at it but they weren't able to fix it. But when my brother looked at it, he was able to fix it and told her big brother that the RAM is damaged, it's not working anymore that's why it keeps on telling error because it's still inside even though it's not working anymore. I must say that my brother has the talent when it comes to electronics, he can fix pretty much everything, he sure is one gifted young man for having such a great talent for fixing things easy,no sweat and effortless.

Making Sure Of It

I must say that humidifier filters is a very good idea to have in our place. Aside from the extreme hot weather during summer, it's also dry. And i know that the filters will help us to breath fresh air inside and help us to strain the dust from the furnace that blows air coming from the basement. Dusts from furnace can sometimes cause illness. My kids will catch them and will make them sick, it's not because they are inside the house they are safe from virus, you really cannot assure that the inside air is clean and virus free. I always make sure of my family's health, it's my first priority and i always try to do my best for my dear loved ones.

Putting Into Rest

Life is indeed very unpredictable. You cannot really tell when is the perfect time for you to depart from this world. I was just so surprised upon learning when i got here in my mother's place that a lot of people are gone already. I mean, they are not just gone because they went somewhere else, i am saying that, they are gone forever. I feel so bad that most of them aren't so prepared especially the family that's being left behind. They weren't even able to set the funeral planning for their loved ones that ended their lives. It's just so sad knowing that they are gone already but the family is having problem how to put them into rest because they are not prepared emotionally and most of all, financially. They're even having problem how to survive with their daily life, how much more taking care of the loved ones that is about to be put into rest forever.

Same Effects

So so hot in here in Philippines!!! There are times that the heat drives me crazy for it is very opposite where we came from. I feel sorry for the kids that they got sick because of too hot temperature. Although i am loving it here but i am worried about my kids on the other hand. Anyway, i am still hoping that they will eventually adapt the weather here in Philippines. This hot temperature we are having here makes me think that it's as effective as the weight loss products because i know that when you sweat a lot, you lose weight. I guess i don't have to do an extra effort anymore, because even if i am not doing anything, i still get sweat and sticky. That's why i really can't stand it if i cannot take a shower everyday.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

So Much Better

We've been here in BOHOL now for about three days where my mom lives and i am loving it because it's way much better than the city of CEBU that really drives me crazy because of the extreme hot temperature out there plus the polluted air that made it worse. I am so glad that my kids are now away from the sickening place, i really hate to see them get sick but they already got sick due to the hot temperature in Cebu when we got there. I got cough too but it is now a little better compared the other day that irritated me so much, it hurts my throat and it's annoying.

I am here at the internet cafe right now for i still don't have internet connection of my own. I was about to go to the city here in Bohol tomorrow but i learned that they are going to have a parade tomorrow at the small island tomorrow, so i decided and thought i would do it on Tuesday instead. This is going to be the first time that this kind of parade will be done in this small island and everyone is excited to witness it. Me too, i am sure my kids would love to watch the parade as well. Well, i better get things done here since i don't own this computer i am using right now, better make every penny worth, lol!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

We Are So Ready

Yay i can't really wait!!! I woke up so early today because we are going to have a very special occasion to attend to. It's my cousin's debut party and it's a very fancy celebration since she is the only daughter of my aunt. We are so ready and so as my kids, i bought them tuxedo both of them and i am so excited to see them wearing it because it is going to be their first time to wear such a nice suit like this. I just hope that my oldest son will dance with the debutant. Although i really am not expecting it too much since he is a very shy boy and doesn't like an occasion such as like this. Oh, well i hope he will get interested later on soon as the party will start. I already have my own nice gown to wear too and i am so excited to dance at the party.

Yours Truly, Shopping

I am starting to miss my friends back in USA. I finally got here to my beloved country the other day. Although it was so tiring trip for me and for my family but i am very thankful that we made a safe and smooth trip. This photo below is yours truly, was taken a week before i flew here. We were able to bond in Salt Lake City and shopped the store that i have never been before. I really am glad i went out with them because i was not going to when they invited me at first and then later on i decided to go with them. Now that i am here, i can shop as long as i want because the prices here in the stores are way cheaper compared the dollar prices back in Utah. I am so sure that i can find lots of nice outfits that i am going to buy. Anyway, no hurry since i still have over 2 months to go before i go back there in USA.

Awesome Changes

I heard a lot of slimming pills nowadays that they are just the best friend of all the people that wanted to lose weight real fast. In fact, my sister in law just impressed me with her new figure because the last time i saw her, she was a little too much. And now that we've seen each other again, she just surprised me with her new look and nice body figure. She turned her figure from huge to wow body. I cannot believe how did she do that. Well, i am skinny but i got no nice body figure like she does. She told me that she is using a formula, upon reading the hydroxycut reviews, she was convinced that the formula will work on her and it did! I feel so happy for her, she look awesome now and way better than before.

Wall Metal Tile

I am thinking to replace our kitchen wall from wood to metal tile. I have seen some new houses today that has the tile wall and it looks so gorgeous to me. I got so fascinated and wanted to have it done into our house right away. I showed it to my husband and he didn't disagree with me because he himself liked it so much as well. Hubby said that we are going to replace the kitchen wall but not right off, we have to save some money for that project because we are so sure that we don't have that enough budget for that kind of project yet. I am getting excited though even if we're only planning it for now, but i am so sure soon, it will be done and i can't wait to see my kitchen beautifully renovated.

Relaxing Lounges

The summer is coming up! Although it's still a little bit chilly where i live but i am now looking for some new outdoor chaise lounges where i can put them outside in our backyard. My family and i likes to be outside a lot during summertime, our backyard is full of trees around it that what made it so cool during summertime. It's nice to hang out outside and will do the picnics during weekends and will relax after the food will be served. lounges is just perfect to have it so enjoy what summer can offer. I am so looking forward to it though, i get to see my friends very often during weekends plus i get to design my backyard with the beautiful lounges that i want to own.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Birthday Party At School

My son had his very first birthday at school. He really had a blast even though it was just a simple party for him. I brought the kids some cupcakes and fruit juice as their snacks. There was one kid too that brought a cake because he wanted to celebrate his birthday at school before it closes. They are going to have their graduation this coming Friday and he wants his classmates to sing him a happy birthday song. They both enjoyed the fun party. I also am glad i stayed inside the classroom because i had the chance to record a video of my son's classmates singing him happy birthday song while he was standing on top of the chair in front of them. Here's the video i got...

Monday, May 10, 2010

Hoping For Brighter Future

You know what? I am not really into politics kind of person. I don't want to get involve when talking about politics. But this election that is happening right now in Philippines where i am originated from, i got interested to keep track on the news 24/7. This is very first automated election that ever happened in history in the Philippines and i must say that it was a successful election although there were some glitches of the machines that's being used to cast the votes of the voters. But in general, it turned out really well and less crime happened compared to the past elections. I am so happy knowing that our country has a little changes and it's cleaner election this time.
There is no doubt that Noynoy Aquino is going to be proclaimed whether sooner or later as new elected President of the Philippines. I would like to congratulate Mr. Noynoy Aquino even though there is no official proclamation yet. I am just hoping that he will do good as a new president and he will change the economy for the better and will give hopes and better future to our fellow Filipinos... His father is one hero and i hope he will do the same thing like what his father did for the sake of the country. Fellow Filipinos, let's pray for the brighter future ahead and for the success of our beloved country, the Philippines...

I Am A Lucky Mom

I really feel so bad to those kids who have skin problems. I am sure that the parents feels double as much as how i felt for their kids. I am just lucky enough that my kids doesn't have that kind of problems. And i am so thankful because i can't even imagine seeing my kids having that kind of itchiness and won't be able to sleep tight because the skin disease is bothering them. There was one kid i knew that his parents can't even sleep well too during at night because his mother always watching him at night due to his abnormal sleeping hours. The mother took her son to different kinds of eczema treatment and hoping that she would find the best cure for her son. I felt for her though, i told her that having a humid climate can help her son because dry climate is just gonna make his condition worst. I always appreciate little things about my kids, that's why i can really tell to myself that i am a very lucky mom for not having such a problematic kids regarding to these kind of skin problems.

She Look Great

Our flight schedule is almost here. I really am excited and so as my family back home. It's a good time of going home because my cousin is going to have her birthday party the day after we arrive there in our place. She did really prepared for this party because i can see her physical changes. She used to be one chubby girl when i last saw her but when we chatted two days ago, i was so surprised upon seeing her total physical change. She really did a good job on losing her weight and she does look great on her new look now. I kept on asking her what did she do to gain her new look, and she was not going to tell me but later on after our chat, she told me what she took enable for her to lose some weight. She's been taking the apidexin which really helped her and it worked for her perfect. I am so happy for her though because she doesn't really look good if she's big, she has to be look like what she is now because it looks good on her just perfect. Now that her birthday is coming up, she is very excited to wear sexy dress and dance with the man of her dream...


In this state where we live in is one dry place. During winter we always hang our washed clothes inside the house instead of drying it in the machine. That way we can save some energy and also to humidify inside our house as well. But during the summer time we have no way of humidifying our house. But i later found out that getting a dehumidifier installed inside the house can help have a better fresh air to eliminate the odor, the bacterias and some other unwanted dusts inside the house. It could help the kids breathe better and inhale the fresh air better. I should have known this before so that my kids don't have to deal this bacterias and dusts that comes out from our furnace, because i believe furnace filters couldn't really block the dusts like what it suppose to do.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Baby's Curiosity

Too bad i don't have my oldest one's picture when he had his first touch of the grass. He was just like his little brother, was so curious and wondering why the grass is a little sharp that's poking his cute little hands. Babies are sure cuties. They are the most curious creatures in the world. I really love to capture every moment of my kids to freeze the memories, that way, i can show them the images i took when they're grown and they can show them to their kids as well when they have their own family already. That is one of my dream, is to make them happy knowing i didn't miss any moment that they have during their childhood. I have documented and saved some evidences of their silliness. But anyway, here is the photo i captured two weeks ago when went to a park along by the pond. This was his very first touch of the grass, and i can just tell how curious he was during this very moment and probably wondering why is the grass's poking him, just like his big brother...

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Is It Really?

Yay!!! Today is May 2nd and i cannot just believe that the month that i have been waiting for is finally here or is it really? Time flies for me because i had so much activity recently and will be even more busier this coming weeks. On the second Saturday of May i am going to have a yard sale so i can sell the things that we don't need here in the house and it's a way of cleaning for me. Why keep things that we don't usually need, so better sell them and make money out of it, right? And this coming May 15 which is my son's big day, it will be his birthday and i am planning for a party for him, i will be inviting some good friends with kiddos as well. As usual, we are going to celebrate his birthday in our backyard where there's big room for kids to play and run around.

And on the third week of May, is going to be our flight to Philippines. I really am busy nowadays because i haven't packed everything yet. Yes, i bought all the things that i want to bring for my family already but they're not packed yet. Plus i have to leave the house clean so i don't have to clean when i come back here.

But anyway, the shower party of my niece in law yesterday was awesome. Everyone enjoyed and had a french style food and dessert which is really delicious. I have never tasted those food before that i ate yesterday and i fell in love with it. I am the kind of person that doesn't like to taste the food that i am not familiar with, but yesterday, to be more formal, i tasted the food so the people won't think i am picky. And i love all the food that the host prepared for all the guests that came to the party. The wedding will be on the third week of this month and i can tell that the bride to be is very excited. Well, anyway, better get off from here before i totally glued myself here in front of my computer, lol! Happy Sunday everyone!!!