Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Baby Announcement Party

I sure had fun last Saturday with my friends. The host held a lot of games and i participated on to it. It's fun sometimes when you get to play games once in a while although we are grown but then it brings back memories to us. Anyway, we had party because the host's sister just had her baby girl. So the host decided to have a birth announcements party. It was double in fact because her friend also just had a baby boy. All of us had a blast and ate lots and goodies foods. I got to see some other new faces as well and glad to met them because they were so nice to me. Making new friends is one thing i love and i am always looking forward to meet new people every party i attend to. I just remembered i didn't threw a party for my boy's when they were born, but they had baby shower party before they were out so i guess that is good enough, lol!

Famous Face

Some of you may already knew about Ann Curtis's wardrobe malfunction during her stage performance at Boracay. I knew about this news the day after it happened. I felt bad for her though because some people are taking advantage to it while she was put into shame. As for my opinion, it's somehow her fault though. She knew she is going to perform such acrobatic steps but then she wore that very daring clothing that it is not tight enough to hold her breast. She should have known better than that, she could've wear something daring but then safe as well. And as for people, well it is not Ann's intention to show her breast in the crowd, they should have better mind not to scatter that in the net. But then since we cannot predict people's minds, sometimes people are so cruel that they love to watch the failure of the others. Ann is one famous actress in Philippines, beauty and sexy. It is expected that whatever she does there is always scoop for her actions. And for Ann, she should be responsible for her actions more in the future because she is always in a bright light.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This Is My Bed Now

We're laughing our heads off with my husband because of what our oldest son said. He kept bugging us that we should move somewhere because he cannot sleep in his bed no more, he is too big and he is a grown up boy already. He is claiming that the master's bedroom is his bed now and not ours anymore. Where in the world did he get that idea that he can just simply claim our bed and he wants to own it now? We sure have silly boy here in the house. I asked him where should he wants us to sleep? He just answered me that i should be the one to figure it out, lol! Funny boy, his daddy asked him too that what made him think that he can simply just boot us out there in our bed and let us find a place where we can sleep, lol!

And he had a light bulb moment later on because we keep on telling him that he cannot just do that to us, it's our bed and we should sleep where we usually sleep and he should sleep in his own bed. He told us that why don't we trade with his bed? lol! Daddy asked him how could we possibly fit to his bed since Mommy and Daddy should sleep together not separate, his bed is too small for Daddy and Mommy. Then he just answered, i am sure you guys will fit there, right? I am a big boy now and i should have a big bed like this (pointing on to our bed) lol! So we told him that soon, when he is big enough, we'll work things out, we promised him that he will surely get a bigger bed soon as he is old enough to have a new big bed. Lol, what a silly boy!

Monday, March 22, 2010

Squeaky Little Potato

My kids sure have different characters each of them. My oldest one the most quiet when he was just a baby. His younger brother is the most noisy one but amusing though. He is more attention seeker than his big brother. Hubby said that it might be because the oldest one knows that he's got all the attention he needed when he was a baby, while the younger one has to compete with his big brother to get our attention. I am not sure on that though but seems like hubby is right. He figured it out by observing the two boys. But anyway, our oldest one is growing to be one quiet boy, more fine and shy. Unlike our little one now always screams and whines just to have our attention focused to him. Please watch this video i just recorded this afternoon, how he can hurts our ear when he screams. He does a pretty good job on that, it can break our eardrums lol!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Custom Labels

Brother is now happy because he finally got his schedule of his flight going back to the main dock of the cruise ship where he works. I am also glad that he is about to leave the country because he has been telling me that his budget is really really tight already due to he has been idle for quite sometime now. Anyway, he cannot just wait to get back to his work although he is a little sad because he won't get to see us for our come back to our home town. But anyway, he mentioned that he also got his name printed at Custom Label with his position under his name on it. He told me that the Data Graphics Inc. is a good choice if i want to have this kind of project, i should choose the Custom Labels that he referred to me. I must say that this Custom Printed Labels is one best choice to have, especially my son is going to be a kindergarten the next school year and he has to have his own name plate so that his classmates will remember his name.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Causes Of Snoring

Hubby snores so loud and there are times that i could not really sleep because he makes noise so much. Even though that sometimes i pushed him so he will sleep sidewards because i heard that if the person sleeps sidewards, it will stop him/her from snoring. That really worked for my youngest brother, once my mother pushed him sidewards, he will stop snoring. But not my husband, i am thinking that it's probably because he is tired from work that's why he snores so loud and no matter how i tried to push him and make him his position changed, still he snores. He's been telling me that once he snores, i should pinch his nose so he will wake up and realize that he is snoring. I researched the cause of snoring and this is what i found on the net that helped me understand why my husband has this annoying snoring noise that makes me can't sleep at night.

What Causes Snoring?

The physical obstruction of the flow of air through the mouth and nose is the cause of snoring. The walls of the throat vibrate during breathing, resulting in the distinctive sounds of snoring. Air flow can be obstructed by a combination of factors, including:

* Obstructed nasal airways: Partially blocked nasal passages require extra effort to transfer air through them while sleeping. This can pull together or collapse the non-rigid soft and dangling tissue of the throat, resulting in snoring. Some people snore only during allergy seasons or when they have a sinus infection. Deformities of the nose such as a deviated septum (a structural change in the wall that separates one nostril from the other) or nasal polyps can also cause obstruction and sleep problems.

* Poor muscle tone in the throat and tongue: Throat and tongue muscles can be too relaxed, which allows them to collapse and fall back into the airway. This can result from deep sleep, alcohol, and some sleeping pills. Normal aging causes further relaxation of these muscles and increases the potential for snoring.

* Bulky throat tissue: Being overweight can cause bulky throat tissue. Also, children with large tonsils and adenoids often snore.

* Long soft palate and/or uvula: A long soft palate or a long uvula (the dangling tissue in back of the mouth) can narrow the opening from the nose to the throat. When these structures vibrate and bump against one another during sleep, the airway becomes obstructed causing snoring.

I guess i can't stop my husband from snoring since he doesn't realizes that soon as he falls asleep, maybe i just have to sleep first before he falls asleep so i don't have to hear his annoying loud snore lol!

Beautiful Sister I Have

Yay! What a good news! My beloved sister is candidate for a pageant there in our small town this coming August. There is a traditional yearly celebration in our town and it is going to be a very memorable event because almost all the people that lives everywhere in the world that used to live there before are going back to our little town to celebrate the traditional celebration. I really am so excited for this fiesta because i get to see some of my old friends and classmates who is now living with their own family from different countries. Also i am excited because like i said my sister is one candidate for this special event, she should look beautiful, i must bring her some anti-wrinkle cream that i bought from www.wrinklecreme.net to get rid of those fine lines she has in her face. She is not that old but i wanted her to look ten years younger than her age so she will be looking so fabulous during the pageant. I hope my sister will win, but if not, she will still be beautiful to her family's eyes as ever like me, her sister lol!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Returns The Favor

Hubby and i noticed next door that it's always dark during at night. Usually the light in their front porch is on when the sun comes down, but lately it's dark. This morning i saw the daughter of the old lady and was able to talk to her. We didn't know that her mother just had a serious surgery. No wonder the house was dark for quite sometime. Her mother is under therapy right now and has some hip arthritis treatment after the surgery. She still can't get up on her own and even if she has somebody helping her, still it is difficult to balance herself and take some few steps. Hubby said that i should visit the old lady tomorrow so she will be happy to know that we care for her. She is one nice neighbor of ours, she used to bring us some treats such as cookies and some other things that she personally made. I guess it's our time now to return the favor for the old lady.

Teething Baby

I am not so sure if my little one is teething or not but it seems like he is to me. I keep on feeling his gums checking if his teeth is about to cut out. I see the signs of teething to him, cranky, drooling a lot and whiny. I really am hoping he is teething because i hate to think that he is doing these things for nothing. He doesn't even eat that much like he used to but i still am glad that he eats a little bit at least though. There's one thing i noticed in him that his big brother didn't do it when he was just a baby. This little one bites everything he can find on the floor such as his brother's toys and also my rubber slippers. He always finds my rubber slippers, bites and drools on it. Even though i keep on giving him his teething ring but he likes to bite my slippers instead. There are also times that i caught him about to bite his big brother's shoes. I just hope that his cranky stage will end so soon, it bothers me and makes me restless.

She Thinks She Cannot

I just barely opened a new account to facebook. I deactivated the old one for so many reasons. Now, that i have the new account, i only added those i knew and those are close to me. I have to keep it that way because i don't want to add anymore strangers and later on will just throw trashy words on my profile. But anyway, i am glad that i saw some of my classmates in grade school, she is so happy too when she saw me and was so surprised because i told her that i am already married and gave birth three times. She is still the same classmate i remember, a little chubby girl and now she got even bigger. She told me that she is jealous of me because i already have two boys but then i didn't grew big, while she is trying to stay fit and look healthy. She is having hard time to manage her size, she said she had tried a lot of things but seems like it didn't worked out for her. I asked her if i know something about natural fat burner so she will lose some of her unwanted weight. Silly girl, she told me that she is so envy of me because she thinks she can never have such thin shape like me.

Grateful And Thankful

Getting old is a bit sad here in America. Your family can't take care of you because they have their own family already to take care of as well. So mostly the aged people here in America ended staying in an assisted living program. Some of them are just waiting for their time to depart from this world and some of them has mental incapability. Some of them are terribly ill and cannot even take care of themselves in a simple way. I am just so impressed with the old couple here across the street because they were able to manage to take care of the old mother they have, even though she is very ill with colon cancer, they still keep her and took care of her. The lady is a retired nurse and that is good because she knew about colon cleansing diet for her mother in law. The old woman has still good memory, it's just that she is sick. She told me once when i was there to visit her that she is grateful and thankful for her family for not leaving her in times that she needs them most.

Advantage For The Baby

No wonder that i have not heard anything from my friend lately. I was able to chat with her last night and she told me they flew to Floria last week. It was a sudden decision because her husband has a work offer over there. They probably will come back here to get all the things they needed from their house and she said that they might sell their house here and will move to Florida for good. It also an advantage for her son that has eczema to have a humid climate, unlike here in Utah that is very dry and it makes her son's skin problem gets worse. I feel so sorry for her son though, because he cannot sleep tight like my baby. He is irritated because of too much itch on his skin. My friend said that they have a special lotion that they apply to his skin for him to settle down when itch attacks. I am so glad that my baby doesn't have it, it's hard for the parents to see their baby suffering from irritable illness.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Passports Has Arrived

I was expecting the passports of my kids to come in about few weeks from now but i was wrong, it came later this afternoon. We received their original birth certificates early this morning and we didn't expect any mails anymore. Usually the mailman comes by once a day or sometimes not at all. But today the mailman came by twice, morning and afternoon. Hubby and i were both surprised, that was really quick! We took the kids to the office where to get their passport by the last week of February and we are only in the middle of March today but the passports are in our hands already. The man said that it usually takes four to six weeks to get mailed in but my kiddos's passports only took two weeks from the day we went to the office.

I really am happy that finally the passports arrived. Our travel agent friend confirmed our address earlier and she said that she will mail the real ticket for our little one since he cannot just have the electronic one, it's got to be the real ticket for the infant. All we have to do now is to wait for our flight schedule because we are good to go. I am getting even more excited and can't help to imagine things. I have a lot of things in my mind today that i wanted to do soon as we get there. But for now, i just have to be patiently wait for our flight schedule, it won't be long, i am home again with my kiddos! My family are so excited to see us because they have not seen the little one yet, they want to hold him and kiss him. My mother is the one that is excited the most, she is anxious to see my family and me of course. We'll be there soon my dear beloved mother, just be patient! We love you and we are also excited to see you and the rest of the family!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Unpredictable Weather

I really thought that Spring already came. It was a very good day the other day and suddenly the weather turned bad yesterday. Today is another nice sunny outside but it's pretty windy. In fact, i was able to wear a short sleeves shirt and just a regular pants that i usually wear during summertime. Now i am sick again, ugh! This is ridiculous! I just barely got well and now i have clogged nose and a terrible headache again. It is sunny and beautiful looking day outside but there is strong wind. I can't stand this extreme weather in Utah anymore. I really can't wait until i get back to my home town so i can fully relax myself and eat the food that i want. But anyway, despite of this unpredictable weather we have here, still i am glad that today is Sunday and we are able to celebrate the day with my lovely family. Happy Sunday everyone and may you enjoy the day with your lovely family as well.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Goodbye Facebook

The main reason why i signed up in Facebook is to update my family back home about us here. I am the only one in the family that lives here far away from them. In facebook, i can upload tons of photos without problem. That way, they can see my kids through the photos i uploaded. But then later on i found out that Facebook has also games that i can enjoy to play. I started to play games and got hooked into some of it. Also, being in the Facebook, i get to see some of people's updates that are in my list. I enjoyed facebooking before, especially when i get to share my experience with some friends and they share theirs as well. Facebook is one of my online entertainment and i loved it. When i was pregnant with my youngest one, i was on in Facebook everyday, playing games, talking to my family through chat board and get to talk to some of my friends as well.

But later on, Facebook became so boring to me. Also the fact that it consumed so much of my free time. I cannot even do the things that i used to do because of Facebook. I am so distracted to Facebook lately. And now, i have decided that i am going be silent mode in my Facebook account. I surely will miss some of good people that i met online but i have to do what i must do first. It won't be long, me and my kids will fly to Philippines and will stay there for awhile. I need to prepare everything in this house before i leave. I also am going to divert my attention to my new camera so i can practice shooting some more. Hubby bought it for me to use it and not just to hide it in the corner, so it must be used and it should because hubby spent thousands of dollars just for me to have it. Spring is coming, a perfect season to take photos outside and i am looking forward to it since there is not much to take photos outside when it is winter, everything is white.

So from now on, expect no updates from me in facebook, i have to refrain myself from being online everyday. I find it stressful being online everyday, meeting those so called holy and wholesome people though they are not. They can definitely lie to people what their true color is but they surely can't lie themselves. I find them annoying and weird. So for me to get away from those idiots, i have to divert my attention to offline world. That way i will be more productive and less annoyance for me.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Friendship Means To Me

What friendship really means to you? There are tons and tons of meanings of friendship. Some say that friendship is like a wall that you can lean on whenever you are weak or down. Some say friendship is like a see-saw, when your friend is down, you push your friend up. Some say friendship is always there no matter what you do. That, i don't agree. Because for me, a friend must be on your side when you are doing right, but if not, you will be the one to let your friend realize that your friend is not doing right. I don't defend a friend even though i know that my friend is doing crazy things such as making mistakes, saying something bad towards others even though the person is not doing anything bad towards your friend, and most of all living in a fantasy world that none of us can never have that kind of world, perfect and there's always happiness. Heck no! There's no such world as like that! Real world is what we are living right now! As for my opinion and my own belief, friendship should be real, trusty, honest, and has loyalty. Because if you don't have one of those, then friendship is worthless. You can never say that friendship is being bonded so strong if there is lacking to your relationship towards your friend.

I myself is one friendly person. I am way better now compared before. A loner person and had a bitter heart. Why? Because i undergone so many things that made the bitterness grew in my heart. But that bitterness melted away, love and happiness replaced it when i got married and gave birth to my very first child. I learned how to love, how to be happy and became friendly to everyone i meet, whether online or offline people. I have so many friends offline and online now but only few that i called real ones. I have communications and got interacted already for a long time to those real ones that i considered. That way, i get to know the person real closely. I am trying to be as friendly as i can be but my instinct says that i should not be too trusty to everyone because some of them aren't real to me.

I love making new friends, i really do. But if i feel that i am not so comfortable to that certain person, i wouldn't insist myself and will just try to be civil. I am a very straight forward person and an open minded one. If i don't feel like it, i won't do it. As what most people say, that no one cannot please everyone. If i pleased you, i would be so happy to know that, but if not, then i am not sorry at all. I make friends to those people that has same interests like i do, same character and same points of view in life. Some of my real good friends confessed their first impressions to me that i am a snobbish type of person, a sarcastic and a mean one. But as they got to know me better, they said that i am worth to get to know of. It's so flattering when you hear that from a person telling you, and that's what i feel whenever there's a friend tells me that.

I value real friendship, i respect my friends and i treat them like my family. I give them advice and will accept their advice to me as well. Like i said, i am an open minded person, so whatever you like to say to me, just say it in front of me, i don't care if what you are going to tell me will hurt me but will make me learn in the end. I don't like those people that keeps on praising me, or giving me sweet words for i know i am not a perfect individual and i have shortcomings. So that's why i don't expect a perfect comments about me from people. Also, i may not be as religious like the others but i can be a real true friend that you can lean on, but if you don't like me, i cannot do anything about it and i don't really care. So if you want to make friends with me, the pleasure is all mine, make sure that your friendship that you offer me is real and genuine. If so, i guarantee you that your friendship won't be wasted, i will accept it wholeheartedly.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

New Home For My Family

Our house is somewhat enough for my family. Although it isn't that big and not that luxurious to live in, still it's a perfect place for me and for my family. My husband bought this house seventeen years ago and renovated it. It has huge backyard where our kids can play as long as they want, and has enough rooms for us couple and for our kids as well. There's only one little problem with this house, there is a guests room downstairs but there is no bathroom there. Whenever we have guests, we are the one's will go downstairs to sleep instead of the guests so they don't have to come up here to use the bathroom.

There are a lot of home plans that i saw and love some of those house arrangements including the landscape. In our house, we never can get a nice garden in our front yard since our house is shady, lots of trees around it plus the sun doesn't hit where the yard is. I told my husband that someday when the kids are big enough, we probably get a new house and will take a look some of the house plans that we like so we can decide what kind of house design should we get. Hubby said getting a new house is one big decision but it would be a great idea if we move when the kids are big enough so they can have their own each room and not sharing one room together. I already have in my mind the house idea that i really liked, thanks to the house plan that i searched, there's tons of ideas i got from them and got me even more excited to have a new home for my lovely family.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Dreamland Yet Depressing Country

I have heard a lot of immigrants here in America whining how depressing this country is, whether it's online or offline. Before i even got here, i didn't hear such whines and complaints how sad and lonely to be in this wealthy country that most people called "MILK AND HONEY" country. When i was young, i remembered that i always hear a lot of people talking about this lovely country where i am at now. They always praise how lovely to be in this country, how wealthy the people here, how lucky to those who were able to get in here. In my innocent mind, what kind of place are they talking about? Maybe a paradise? A heaven kind of like? I had no idea then since i was just a little girl and wasn't aware of real life yet.

But now that i am here, i can somehow relate to what they are saying. Yes it is a very lovely place to live, even though that my husband and i are just ordinary kind of people here in America, yet we live with a decent kind of life. We can buy things that we want for ourselves and for our kids, we can eat the food that we like to eat, we can do whatever we want to do. Compared to my country, a lot of people are starving and don't have a decent life. Poverty is known in my beloved country, it's sad to say but that's the fact. A lot of people doesn't have a decent life, no job to support one's family, the labor is not enough for the financial needs, even to those singles, how much more to those who are married?

Some of my colleagues is been telling me how lucky i am that i am in this dream country. Yes i somewhat agree to them that i am lucky, i have my lovely family of my own here and i am a bit spoiled to my sweet loving husband. Hubby can provide our daily needs and can buy the things that we want. But, America can never ever replace Philippines in my heart. What do you expect? I pretty much live my whole life in there since birth! I can now fully understand what most immigrants are whining about. No matter how luxurious kind of life you have here, still you are going to look for your own homeland, you will still miss it and long for it.

Living here in America sure is quite different. From cultures, there's four seasons in a year, the food, the surroundings, the people, everything! But i have to deal with all these since i am now living here with my own family. I should say, yes America is a depressing country but then on the other hand, it's a land where you dream to live.

Taking A Degree

My friend and i have been planning to go to school this coming school year. Right now i am still thinking of what should i take that will keep me going and will not regret later on for taking such a degree. My friend is now sure of what she is going to take, she is going to take the health information technology degree. I am not so certain if am good at it or i will survive to that kind of degree since i don't really know a whole lot of that kind of degree. For me i am going to take nursing. Ever since when i was young i have been dreaming to be one, wearing white and will take care of sick people that needs my service. My friend is excited for another step of her journey, and i am wishing her for the best, i hope she will finish her degree and will be able to find a very good opportunity that will give her a better and brighter future.

Blog Makeover

As you all noticed that this blog has been replaced its layout. I want to thank Miss Carlota the expert layout designer for taking the time to make this very simple yet elegant look of my blog. I have been wanting to replace the layout of this blog long time ago but i wasn't able to. I have had so many things to do that i need to prioritize than to give a little time to do the make over of this blog. And now that i finally got it, i may keep this new look for long, maybe for permanent. I am just too happy that this blog's layout has been replaced. I can't have bold and dark colored layouts anymore, my eyes is getting bad and the previous look of this blog is been hurting my poor eyes. I so love this new look because it's calm and cool to my eyes. I am more excited to update this blog everyday...

Friday, March 5, 2010

Snack Friend Boy

In about an hour i am going to take my son to his school. He is very excited because he is the snack friend today. If i remember it right, i already explained to my previous post what is snack friend means. But to those who don't know yet, snack friend means, each of the kids in the class has their turns to be a snack friend. That's when they bring treats for their classmates, and at the same time they bring something for their show and tell. Last Monday he came out from school upset. I wondered and he told me that he wasn't the snack friend. Now that he is, he is very excited to go to school and so anxious to show his classmates for his show and tell. I better get him ready before he gets late to school.

I Love Romantic Ambiance

Last night i found out that our ceiling fan lights are not working anymore. I am not sure if it's just busted or the wiring has problem to it. I told hubby about it and he said that he is going to look for it soon as he gets home from work. I really don't like our lights though, but since it's there already when i got here, i just didn't complain to husband about it. But what i like to replace on that lights is what i saw from Dolan Designs lighting. They have the nicest lights i want to purchase so we can put it in our front room to add more romantic ambiance. I love the room that looks so romantic and the lights is so calm. I hope hubby can't fix the lights later so we can replace it to what i really like, lol!

We Both Can't Wait

I really thought that spring came early. I was so happy for so many days but that ended today. I got so disappointed when i woke up and the ground is full of snow again. Although it's a slushy kind of snow but still, it's gonna be cold outside again. Ughhh, i so hate this, especially this slushy kind because the road is going to be slippery. But anyway, i just have to be very careful on the road when i take and pick up my son from his school. I really can't wait for the spring to come, i am so tired of this winter snow and it slows me down. I am a very outgoing person and i hate it when i am being stuck inside the house and do nothing.

I love to walk by the neighborhood, that way i get to see outside that much and enjoy the time being with my kids, my oldest one loves to ride his bike while i walk with him. Now, when spring comes, i walk while pushing the stroller and he will ride his bike. He is so excited to ride his bike again, he wasn't able to use it that much last year because it was a little too high for him. But now that he is big enough to ride on it, he just can't wait.

Sweet Girl Getting Married

My niece in law is getting married!!! I can't believe how time flies really! When i got here in America she was only like 16 or 17 and now she is getting married to a guy that's been courting her for years. I am so happy to both of them and i am glad that they are finally going to settle down. She is the sweetest girl that every man is looking for. So soft spoken and very gentle. Their wedding is right after my son's birthday, this coming May 20th. And i cannot wait to see them to be tied as one. But wait! I have to buy them wedding gifts first. I have now something in my mind that i am sure they are going to love it. I have to get it ready before then because i have a very busy schedules this coming months.

It Was Unforgettable

I still can remember and it is still fresh in my mind how hubby proposed marriage to me. It was so dramatic and very romantic! We both cried telling each other that we promised to be together for the rest of our lives. It was a candle light dinner at the roof top of the hotel by the beach where we stayed. It was very memorable moment for both of us. Before the dinner, we talked a little bit and shared our hopes, dreams and wishes. And then later on, he handed me a small jewelry box and asked me if i would marry him. I said yes first before i even opened the box. And he told me that i should open the box first, i opened it and was so surprised because the ring has lots of diamonds to it! I must say, it's a very expensive ring he gave me. I felt so very special that time, he flew all the way to my country just to propose marriage and gave me such a very expensive engagement ring..

Thursday, March 4, 2010

One Year Older

This is me, my oldest son just took this stolen shot a little while ago. I am now one year older, but my heart and mind is still the same. They said that i still look younger than my age, i still able to manage my figure and they have been asking me what is my secret. I really don't have secret at all, i guess i just have a pretty strong metabolism that burns fats so fast. Plus the fact that i am as busy as a bug, i have my oldest son to take to his school and pick him up after, and i have a little one that i have to drag along with me every time i take and pick up his brother from school. Not to mention the house chores are all mine. But despite of all that, i am grateful and happy of my life now, i have everything to thank for and the priceless blessings that i received from GOD is more than enough...

Amazing Work Of Arts

When we visited to a museum last week with my son because that's where his classmate birthday being held, i was so impressed by the work of art that's being displayed in there. Lots of different styles that i saw and i was thinking how creative and talented those people who made those very unique arts. I wish i have those kind of talent but i guess i don't have it, lol! My son had so much fun and learned a lot of things in the museum which i thought it was worth going there although it's a little bit far from where we live.

You can see so many things there such as cone 10 glazes that has different styles and colors, also some cone 06 glazes that are amazingly created. Different things that amazed me, i am just too fascinated with all the things i saw there. There's this dipping glazes that kids loves because of different styles and color combinations. So what i did was, i looked who made all those and found out that AMACO/Brent has all those different things that we saw inside the museum, my son wants to have some of those and hubby said that it's a good idea to put it in his room as his room decorations.

Perfect Day For My Big Day

The sun is up, shining so bright. I bet that it's a little warmer outside and i am just thankful that my special day has perfect day! I have had some birthdays that the day wasn't so cooperative, but today it's so perfect that Mr. Sunshine is rising up to the sky, boasting his sun rays to whole state of UTAH! I love it, i just love it!!! Later on, we are going out to have family dinner after hubby gets off from his work. So i should get ready now at take care of the kids as well so we will have awesome family bonding before the day will be over. So see you all later and will post some photos soon as i get the chance...

We Had A Deal

I was really surprised when i found out that my niece is now taking up Dentistry. I didn't know that she has the interests to clean people's teeth! lol! That's a good job though, she is going to take care of people's teeth. It won't be long and she will be a professional and she promised me that she is going to clean my teeth for free, haha! Good deal to me but she asked me if i can send her some good clothing as her uniform. Well, i can deal with that, there are a lot of koi scrub pants where i can purchase at Scrubs and Beyond. The prices are so much better and the quality are just perfect!

At koi scrubs, i am sure she will love it because the fabric that they used is so smooth and very comfortable to wear. In fact, a friend of mine that is now nurse is been buying her clothing there as her uniform. There are a lot of different styles to choose from, koi uniforms are simply the best. My niece and i had a deal and it is my happiness to see her that she graduates from Dentistry someday. And since i am going home soon, it's just a perfect time for me to bring the uniforms she asked me to give her. I am so sure, she is excited by now to wear it.

I Am So Blessed!!! It's My Day!!!

Today is my birthday and i am very thankful to those who greeted me on my very special day, thank you so much!!! I truly appreciate all your sweet thoughts for greeting me on my very big day! I woke up with hubby's kisses and hugs telling me i am the birthday girl today. Sadly he has to go to work, but that's alright with me, we still can celebrate my birthday during the weekend. I am not getting any younger obviously but i sure am grateful and happy for what i have now. I am so blessed and i have everything that i need, i could not ask for anything more for i have my awesome family, and genuine friends with me already.

Hubby promised me that he will buy me another lens for my NIKON D300s DSLR camera on my birthday but since he just paid our ticket to Philippines, he told me last night that he will buy my macro lens soon as we get our tax refund which is about a month from now. It can wait though, i am not in a big hurry since we still got 2 more months before we fly to Philippines. Although i was very excited then to get that lens but i understand the situation. I am not spoiled at all that i wanted to get things right away, as they said, one at a time. I truly am blessed, i have nothing to ask for, i have everything and i am happy!!! Thank you so much my BIG BOSS for giving me all these blessings that i have now, thank you so much!!!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I Am One Proud Filipina

A friend of mine sent me a message through facebook. I was stunned upon reading what the message is all about. It was about Filipinos. The blogger was blogging about how no good and full of crap the Filipinos are. But the blogger herself is one pure blooded Filipina. Shame on her! I admit that some of what she said and the comments are true but she is generalizing all the Filipinos including all those who are living abroad like me. I also read some other websites telling that Filipinas only wanted to get married to a foreigner to save from poverty. Some said that Filipinas that are married to the foreigners are mostly whores or prostitutes that wants to have a better life. Some said that Filipinas looks like nannies and even called us Filipinos monkeys. This is really a big racism you know and it is obviously sound that these haters are discriminating us. They are claiming themselves that they are not racist but then blogging, criticizing about other race like Filipinos.

But anyway, i am blogging about this because i myself is one pure blooded Filipina who happens to live in this foreign country where my husband is originated. We have quite a different story than the others, but the bottom line is, we, who got married to foreigner husbands, are just the same. I never dreamed to be in this state that has extreme weather, but guess what? I am here and married to an American guy that loves me so much and takes care of me. We are blessed with two boys now (we have daughter but she is not with us anymore physically), and we are living quite happily. I don't really care if someone called me like i am just a nanny to my kids. They don't know me and i don't even know them so to the hell with them!!!

I just feel so sorry to those people that are trying to make themselves look better but the truth is, they're the one's that looks like a monkey! I am one proud Filipina and i am not ashamed to shout it to the whole world that i am! So to those who wants to pull the Filipinos down, get a life! Stop complaining and look at yourself, ask yourself if you are one perfect smart monkey compare to us Filipinos that are talented, hospitable, kind-hearted and intelligent.

Here's one photo i inserted below, this is me and my youngest son. Yes, i look like i am just his nanny because he doesn't even look like me at all but i am sure my kids will be so proud for having a Filipina mother because we are the most loving kind mother in the world. We are always ready to give our everything for the sake of our kids. We are always there to comfort and love them for the rest of our lives...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Caffeine Makes Me Sick

Drinking coffee is a big NO NO to me, why? Because i suffer the effect of caffeine afterwards. I get paranoid and feel like i am drunk. I don't know why coffee is so strong for me since i have tried it already many times but still my body says i cannot just take such drink that has caffeine to it. I drink those caffeine free sodas because if i drink those caffeinated ones, it makes me sick and starts to feel like i am crazy. That's why whenever i go somewhere or to a restaurant i prefer to order juice or even just water, that way i am safe and i won't get paranoid later on soon after i drink soda or coffee.

I am not a big fan of starbucks or any other coffee stores, it's simply because i cannot just take it. Hubby doesn't even drink coffee either since birth, he just don't like the taste which i am glad that he don't drink those kinds because it is not really good for him, neither to all of us. He just thought of something funny, that what if i drink liquor, how much more the effect to me? I cannot even imagine myself being drunk and i would not dare try it, i didn't tried it before so why should i now? I don't know, i really can't picture myself in my own brain being drunk and probably will behave so bad like drunk people that i have seen...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Teachers Should Have Good Reputations

When i picked up my son from his school early this afternoon, he suddenly cried when he saw me. I was wondering why, got me puzzled why he cried and hugged me. So i asked him what happened to him. Then he told me why, he said he is sad because he is not the snack friend on this day. Snack friend means that's when he brings treats to his classmates and each of them has their turns. I hugged him and tried to console him by telling him that he will be soon. When the kids gets off from their school, the teachers walk them out to make sure that all the kids are being picked up by the parents or the authorized person.

Anyway, i was able to chat with some of my son's teachers while the other one went back inside to look when is my son's turn to be a snack friend. I was just impressed how professional they are. I have seen their backgrounds too by the papers they gave us as parents when we enrolled our son there. They have achieved so many things that made them to be a great teacher to the kids. They are very good at it handling the kids's tantrums and moods.

I may sound comparing between the teachers here to the teachers back in Philippines but i can't help it! This is just my opinion and i think i must rant this. I am not generalizing all the teachers in Philippines but some of them are not as good like the teachers here. They are very good on how to handle the kids, plus they value kids's thoughts and opinions. Unlike there, some of them are scaring the kids by the grades, if the kids does silly things, then they would scare them by failing the grades. I mean that is not fair though. Some of them wanted to be respected like they should, well you don't asks someone to respect you because you are a teacher. Respect should be earned and not demanding someone to do it. Some of them pretends to be wholesome one but hiding something that would make their reputation from scandalous all the way to criminal. I have read and heard a lot of things about some of the teachers in there, there was a teacher that went to prison because of what the teacher did. There was another teacher that got fired because they discovered the real background. The teacher did something that it damaged the teacher's reputation. The teacher became a mother without husband. In Philippines, that is a big scandal for a teacher. The teacher should have family of their own enable to keep the good reputation intact.

Well, i guess i was saying this because kids has more freedom and rights here unlike there in Philippines. Yes the kids has freedom and has rights there as well but not as strong as here. Some teachers are using their position to scare the kids by their grades as a weapon, unlike here they cannot just do that or they could be in trouble...