Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This Is My Bed Now

We're laughing our heads off with my husband because of what our oldest son said. He kept bugging us that we should move somewhere because he cannot sleep in his bed no more, he is too big and he is a grown up boy already. He is claiming that the master's bedroom is his bed now and not ours anymore. Where in the world did he get that idea that he can just simply claim our bed and he wants to own it now? We sure have silly boy here in the house. I asked him where should he wants us to sleep? He just answered me that i should be the one to figure it out, lol! Funny boy, his daddy asked him too that what made him think that he can simply just boot us out there in our bed and let us find a place where we can sleep, lol!

And he had a light bulb moment later on because we keep on telling him that he cannot just do that to us, it's our bed and we should sleep where we usually sleep and he should sleep in his own bed. He told us that why don't we trade with his bed? lol! Daddy asked him how could we possibly fit to his bed since Mommy and Daddy should sleep together not separate, his bed is too small for Daddy and Mommy. Then he just answered, i am sure you guys will fit there, right? I am a big boy now and i should have a big bed like this (pointing on to our bed) lol! So we told him that soon, when he is big enough, we'll work things out, we promised him that he will surely get a bigger bed soon as he is old enough to have a new big bed. Lol, what a silly boy!

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