Thursday, March 4, 2010

Amazing Work Of Arts

When we visited to a museum last week with my son because that's where his classmate birthday being held, i was so impressed by the work of art that's being displayed in there. Lots of different styles that i saw and i was thinking how creative and talented those people who made those very unique arts. I wish i have those kind of talent but i guess i don't have it, lol! My son had so much fun and learned a lot of things in the museum which i thought it was worth going there although it's a little bit far from where we live.

You can see so many things there such as cone 10 glazes that has different styles and colors, also some cone 06 glazes that are amazingly created. Different things that amazed me, i am just too fascinated with all the things i saw there. There's this dipping glazes that kids loves because of different styles and color combinations. So what i did was, i looked who made all those and found out that AMACO/Brent has all those different things that we saw inside the museum, my son wants to have some of those and hubby said that it's a good idea to put it in his room as his room decorations.

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