Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Caffeine Makes Me Sick

Drinking coffee is a big NO NO to me, why? Because i suffer the effect of caffeine afterwards. I get paranoid and feel like i am drunk. I don't know why coffee is so strong for me since i have tried it already many times but still my body says i cannot just take such drink that has caffeine to it. I drink those caffeine free sodas because if i drink those caffeinated ones, it makes me sick and starts to feel like i am crazy. That's why whenever i go somewhere or to a restaurant i prefer to order juice or even just water, that way i am safe and i won't get paranoid later on soon after i drink soda or coffee.

I am not a big fan of starbucks or any other coffee stores, it's simply because i cannot just take it. Hubby doesn't even drink coffee either since birth, he just don't like the taste which i am glad that he don't drink those kinds because it is not really good for him, neither to all of us. He just thought of something funny, that what if i drink liquor, how much more the effect to me? I cannot even imagine myself being drunk and i would not dare try it, i didn't tried it before so why should i now? I don't know, i really can't picture myself in my own brain being drunk and probably will behave so bad like drunk people that i have seen...

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Clarissa said...

We're a big fan of coffee naman but my SIL hates coffee!When we're all having our lil cafe' time at home,ayaw nya ng mag-stay sa sala because of the aroma.