Monday, March 1, 2010

Teachers Should Have Good Reputations

When i picked up my son from his school early this afternoon, he suddenly cried when he saw me. I was wondering why, got me puzzled why he cried and hugged me. So i asked him what happened to him. Then he told me why, he said he is sad because he is not the snack friend on this day. Snack friend means that's when he brings treats to his classmates and each of them has their turns. I hugged him and tried to console him by telling him that he will be soon. When the kids gets off from their school, the teachers walk them out to make sure that all the kids are being picked up by the parents or the authorized person.

Anyway, i was able to chat with some of my son's teachers while the other one went back inside to look when is my son's turn to be a snack friend. I was just impressed how professional they are. I have seen their backgrounds too by the papers they gave us as parents when we enrolled our son there. They have achieved so many things that made them to be a great teacher to the kids. They are very good at it handling the kids's tantrums and moods.

I may sound comparing between the teachers here to the teachers back in Philippines but i can't help it! This is just my opinion and i think i must rant this. I am not generalizing all the teachers in Philippines but some of them are not as good like the teachers here. They are very good on how to handle the kids, plus they value kids's thoughts and opinions. Unlike there, some of them are scaring the kids by the grades, if the kids does silly things, then they would scare them by failing the grades. I mean that is not fair though. Some of them wanted to be respected like they should, well you don't asks someone to respect you because you are a teacher. Respect should be earned and not demanding someone to do it. Some of them pretends to be wholesome one but hiding something that would make their reputation from scandalous all the way to criminal. I have read and heard a lot of things about some of the teachers in there, there was a teacher that went to prison because of what the teacher did. There was another teacher that got fired because they discovered the real background. The teacher did something that it damaged the teacher's reputation. The teacher became a mother without husband. In Philippines, that is a big scandal for a teacher. The teacher should have family of their own enable to keep the good reputation intact.

Well, i guess i was saying this because kids has more freedom and rights here unlike there in Philippines. Yes the kids has freedom and has rights there as well but not as strong as here. Some teachers are using their position to scare the kids by their grades as a weapon, unlike here they cannot just do that or they could be in trouble...


texas_sweetie said...

I am glad I am not a teacher kay ug ako namaistra unya NAPA ANGKAN/GIPA ANGKAN ko dakung MAKA UULAW UG MAKAHUGNO sa katilingban, sa pamilya ug sa imong gipanumpaan! Asa na ang moralidad ana nga nabuntis samtang ga tudlo kag kaayohan sa kabataan nga ikaw mismo nagpakuwaw sa imong kaugalingon?

Tuod taw lamang ang mga maistra pero dili na rason nga magpakasala ug magpa BUNTIS KA hinungdan sa pagka walang bisa sa lisenya. Worse is, kay nahitabo na tibuok kinabuhi nanang nakatangkil nimo MAISTRANG DISGRASYADA, tungod sa ka SAINT nabuntisan kay lagi SANTA KAAYO!

Magkatawa lang ko maghuna huna sa ubang taw nagpaka SANTA SANTAHAN nya diay naay mga skeletons giataguan sa ilang aparador mura na ug unsa ka perpekto nila!

Sweetiepie said...

101% agree sa imong posting my dear! School Teachers should give the best example to the children while they are in school like the parents does at home. But sad to say, there are many unwed school teachers out there who losses their job because their lack of morality! And some pretented to be a SAINT that they could do nothing wrong to the eyes of many people, indeed prententious person at that! The saddest part is, some of them even forget where they came from that they would criticise their other fellow filipina, daun wla nla gi tan-aw ug unsa cla na pinaangkan ra raba pod diay. Wala huna hunaa magpaka SAINT cla and far from it jud, ngil-ad pod diay batasan, mausab daun labi na gidaginot rapod sa kano bisan naay anak! Duh, ayha mamantay sa lain tawo bantayan unta daan ang kaugalingon, right? labi na dunay skeleton tinagoon saa closet! I must say that moritaly is the best example to show other especially children.