Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good Thing We Did

I was worried to death about my oldest son the other day because he was a little weak and don't have the appetite to eat. I asked him if he was sick but he said he felt alright. He just didn't had the full energy to play because he told me he wants to have a playmate. I was so relieved when he told me that, because i was really worried, i thought he was sick and good thing he's not. I am also glad that we gave him the supplement for flu vaccines before the holiday season so he won't get sick. He might not be able to enjoy the holiday and that is not gonna be a fun holiday for him that's for sure.

Looking Forward To It

I just talked to my best friend over the phone a little while ago and we ended up talking about looking for a job next year. Yes i am looking forward to get a job next year because i want to earn more income so i can support my dear mother back home. I just don't know where to start, good thing my best friend mentioned that she knew a website that can surely help me to find a very decent employment job. I am so happy upon knowing this because this is gonna be the first step i am going to make soon as the holidays will be over. I just can't wait to have my own job and making my own money so at least i can help my mom back home and also i can buy the things that i want without bugging hubby to buy me some stuff.

Teeth Flossing Is Good

My son sure loves to copy whatever Daddy or Mommy does. That's why we are very careful of things that we do or words that we use because we got a very observant kid here in the house. Just like flossing our teeth, which is really a good thing that he copies us so it will be a good habit of him to clean his teeth in between after brushing his teeth. Honestly, i don't floss my teeth before like i do now, it's not just in my daily habit to floss my teeth. But since i got here in America and gets dental appointment every six months, i learned that flossing the teeth is the healthy way to maintain your teeth clean and free from cavities and especially for bad breath.

But anyway, here's the video of my son flossing his teeth. He sure is proud to announce the world that he takes good care of his teeth really good using the complete clean floss.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Busy Holiday Season

Christmas is over, yet i am not even done wrapping more presents still. This coming New years eve, we are going to have another Fil-Am get together party and i am sure that it will be another blast for us. I love to go to my friend's house whenever there is special holidays like Christmas and New year to lessen the homesickness i feel for my family back home. This way, i can just have fun and forget that i am far away from my dear beloved family. If only takes at least 2 or 3 hours to go home then i would do it at least once a week. But since i am very far away, and we're talking like thousands of miles away, i guess it is very impossible to do that for me especially that the air fare nowadays are getting so expensive, plus the fact that i have my kids with me. I just can't go back to my hometown leaving them here to their dad since my husband is the one who's earning money. But anyway, i am excited for another party we are going to attend. And i wish to all of you guys a happy new year!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hand Dryers

I am just another mother that has a very interesting boy. He is very curious in everything. He always tries everything he sees, but he is cautious as well. If i tell him what's gonna happen if he try that certain thing, then he would back off and will just be still and look at it. I remember when he was just two years old, we went to the restaurant and told him that i want to go to the restroom and he said he want to go with me, while we were inside the restroom he noticed there was two metal things sticking out on the wall and asked what those things was. So i explained to him what it does. So he tried it himself and he found out that it was hand dryers. He got so fascinated about it and keep putting his hand under it so the air will blow, very curious boy indeed!

My Very Funny Boy

I sure have a very funny boy here. Because he is too anxious to open up his presents under the tree, he always do some tricks on me. Like yesterday, he wanted me to greet him merry Christmas and then after i greeted him he asked me if he can open his presents, haha whatta a very wise boy i have here! And then later on he was playing train train then he said please say it Mommy, open! So i said what he wanted me to say. And then he said, now that you told me to open it means i can open my presents, hahaha you see? What kind of boy i have here, very funny and very entertaining. He sure does makes me smile all the time. Keep telling him not to open the presents until it's Christmas day. So i told him that he's still got few more days to go before the Christmas day comes... He seem just can't wait, silly boy!

High Technology Equipments

I was sitting here in front of the television watching the show about medical. Got me interested about it because when i was just a little girl i used to dream to be a nurse. But i guess that dream never came true. In some way it did actually, since i became a nurse to my kids nurturing what they need and of course to my loving husband. But anyway, while i was watching the show it all flashed back the memories when i had my youngest son which is now four months old. I was there in the hospital all by myself, got so tired and bored nothing to do after scrolling the television's channel and there was nothing good that is on, my attention caught to something else. I looked all the medical equipment they have in there and made me think that those equipments are go to be good and very high technology.

Another Family Adventure

Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas!!! I know, i know Christmas is coming so soon and i just could not wait! Even my four year old son is very excited and anxious of his presents under the Christmas tree. Mine is not bought yet but it will be soon and i just can't wait, so so so excited!!! But anyway, hubby said something like after Christmas we are going to have another exciting and fun trip especially for our preschooler boy. Can you guess where? Hmmm, well since i cannot shut my mouth right now because of too much excitement, i will just might as well tell you. We are going to disney world!!! And i am pretty sure that it will be another adventure that is worth to keep as a good memory of our life....

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter Cold

Winter is surely here now. It's just hard for me to run around outside especially i got two kids with me. I have to bundle them up with their coats. My little potato which is the youngest has to be wrapped up more. He has been fussing for the last couple of days, i think he is now starting to have teeth coming out. I feel bad that i just could not help my little one, all i can do is just put some gel on his gum and hug him as tight as i can so he will feel that he is being comforted. Well, life of a mother eh! lol! If only there is someone who i can trust to, to leave my little one with, i don't have to drag him along when i pick up his big brother. It's just too cold for him to go outside with me, my poor little potato.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Here Comes The Bride

Here comes the bride, all dress in white! Whew, i cannot just believe it! My ever favorite niece in law is now getting married! I am just so happy for her. She will finally enter the another step of her life, to be a married woman and will going to have her own family. I am a bit sad though because she will be away from us for sure after her wedding but on the other hand i am also glad that she finally found the right man that will share his life for better or for worse with my beautiful niece in law. Well, anyway i am very excited for the day of their wedding, there is no exact date yet but it will be sometime in MAY next year. I know i need to get ready ahead of time so everything will be ready before her very special day comes. I need to buy my boys their tuxedo so they will be looking so handsome. They need it because it's a temple wedding and we should be wearing a very elegant and decent looking outfit for the wedding day.

Ugly and Torn

I do really need to buy some new rugs for my son's bedroom. The rugs that he's got right now in his bedroom is already torn and looking so ugly, that's why i really need to replace them. There are three of them, i like to put rugs on it because his floor is wooden and i have a very active pre- schooler here and i don't want him to get hurt from keep on jumping on his bed to the floor. It will be less hurt for him if he's got more rugs to protect him from hard wood floor he's got on his room when he jumps around. And i am sure that since Christmas is just around the corner, lots of nice rugs i can find with a very reasonable price nowadays...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Losing My Appetite

I just noticed lately to myself that i am losing my appetite. Whenever i get hungry, i rush into the kitchen and dig our fridge for something to eat but when the food is ready and cooked, i have no urge to eat anymore. I am not really sure if it is because i have so much things going on in my mind or it is simply just i lost my appetite. I need to consult my physician about this matter because i am taking some pills for my sugar to normalize. There are a lot of times that i am starving but i don't want to eat anything. I don't really exactly know what is going on with me right now, i hope i can find some solution to this, i am scared though....