Friday, March 5, 2010

We Both Can't Wait

I really thought that spring came early. I was so happy for so many days but that ended today. I got so disappointed when i woke up and the ground is full of snow again. Although it's a slushy kind of snow but still, it's gonna be cold outside again. Ughhh, i so hate this, especially this slushy kind because the road is going to be slippery. But anyway, i just have to be very careful on the road when i take and pick up my son from his school. I really can't wait for the spring to come, i am so tired of this winter snow and it slows me down. I am a very outgoing person and i hate it when i am being stuck inside the house and do nothing.

I love to walk by the neighborhood, that way i get to see outside that much and enjoy the time being with my kids, my oldest one loves to ride his bike while i walk with him. Now, when spring comes, i walk while pushing the stroller and he will ride his bike. He is so excited to ride his bike again, he wasn't able to use it that much last year because it was a little too high for him. But now that he is big enough to ride on it, he just can't wait.

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