Friday, July 6, 2007

Long Walk With My Son

Friday.Not much to do.Earlier this afternoon my son wants to play outside,so i took him outside in our backyard.And then i decided to go for a walk so i grabbed his stroller & we went to SHOPKO store just to look around see if there's good sale.When we got there we went straight to the shoes department,& i was right!a lot of shoes there that i like are on sale!I was dying to have those shoes but suddenly i was thinking of my son.Most of his shirts are getting tight to him coz he's gotten bigger.I said to myself,oh well i have plenty of shoes that i haven't wear them yet & here i am again wants to buy some more.So we went to the kids department to look for shirts of his.I found out that they're having clearance sale for kids stuffs,i was so glad that i decided to go there coz it's just one day clearance sale & it'll ends today.A lot of nice shirts that i picked for my son,they're kinda silly shirts coz there's something on it.One shirts says,"Toddlers Laws",one is "too young to handle responsibilities",one is "i'm a good son,if my parent's around" lol!Anyway,after that we're heading home & my baby he got tired of being pushed in his stroller i guess so he was fussing,so i put him down so he'll walk,& he liked it,he likes to walk too.While we were walking on the sidewalk,he keeps pointing on the sky as he sees some birds & airplanes.& what's funny is,he saw some dried twigs in the sidewalk,He picked them up & threw in the grassfield,& it flashed into my mind that,he's just like his dad a lot in every way.My husband likes to do that kind of things,pick twigs & put it in the stroller & when we get home he'll put it in the small burn bucket of his.Anyway,we finally got home & i saw my husband in the backyard sitting there waiting for us.I told him we went for a long walk & our son did enjoy it.He walked pretty much from the store until in our house.As we were about to get inside coz it's getting dark outside,my baby cried,he still wants to stay outside & play.So my husband & i took him outside for a lil' bit so he'll settle down.& of course to complete the fun we took some pictures in our backyard & he had so much fun.Then we told him to get inside & we're gonna watch TV,& he got excited as if TV is a treat to give.Oh well,babies are babies,just give them a lil' treat & they will be happy.

The most important is,my baby had fun outside & so are we with my husband.It's nice to be outside once in a while especially when the weather is so good.I like to go for a walk a lot during summer.It makes me feel good especially when i'm stressed physically & emotionally.