Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Good Thing We Did

I was worried to death about my oldest son the other day because he was a little weak and don't have the appetite to eat. I asked him if he was sick but he said he felt alright. He just didn't had the full energy to play because he told me he wants to have a playmate. I was so relieved when he told me that, because i was really worried, i thought he was sick and good thing he's not. I am also glad that we gave him the supplement for flu vaccines before the holiday season so he won't get sick. He might not be able to enjoy the holiday and that is not gonna be a fun holiday for him that's for sure.

Looking Forward To It

I just talked to my best friend over the phone a little while ago and we ended up talking about looking for a job next year. Yes i am looking forward to get a job next year because i want to earn more income so i can support my dear mother back home. I just don't know where to start, good thing my best friend mentioned that she knew a website that can surely help me to find a very decent employment job. I am so happy upon knowing this because this is gonna be the first step i am going to make soon as the holidays will be over. I just can't wait to have my own job and making my own money so at least i can help my mom back home and also i can buy the things that i want without bugging hubby to buy me some stuff.

Teeth Flossing Is Good

My son sure loves to copy whatever Daddy or Mommy does. That's why we are very careful of things that we do or words that we use because we got a very observant kid here in the house. Just like flossing our teeth, which is really a good thing that he copies us so it will be a good habit of him to clean his teeth in between after brushing his teeth. Honestly, i don't floss my teeth before like i do now, it's not just in my daily habit to floss my teeth. But since i got here in America and gets dental appointment every six months, i learned that flossing the teeth is the healthy way to maintain your teeth clean and free from cavities and especially for bad breath.

But anyway, here's the video of my son flossing his teeth. He sure is proud to announce the world that he takes good care of his teeth really good using the complete clean floss.

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Busy Holiday Season

Christmas is over, yet i am not even done wrapping more presents still. This coming New years eve, we are going to have another Fil-Am get together party and i am sure that it will be another blast for us. I love to go to my friend's house whenever there is special holidays like Christmas and New year to lessen the homesickness i feel for my family back home. This way, i can just have fun and forget that i am far away from my dear beloved family. If only takes at least 2 or 3 hours to go home then i would do it at least once a week. But since i am very far away, and we're talking like thousands of miles away, i guess it is very impossible to do that for me especially that the air fare nowadays are getting so expensive, plus the fact that i have my kids with me. I just can't go back to my hometown leaving them here to their dad since my husband is the one who's earning money. But anyway, i am excited for another party we are going to attend. And i wish to all of you guys a happy new year!!!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hand Dryers

I am just another mother that has a very interesting boy. He is very curious in everything. He always tries everything he sees, but he is cautious as well. If i tell him what's gonna happen if he try that certain thing, then he would back off and will just be still and look at it. I remember when he was just two years old, we went to the restaurant and told him that i want to go to the restroom and he said he want to go with me, while we were inside the restroom he noticed there was two metal things sticking out on the wall and asked what those things was. So i explained to him what it does. So he tried it himself and he found out that it was hand dryers. He got so fascinated about it and keep putting his hand under it so the air will blow, very curious boy indeed!

My Very Funny Boy

I sure have a very funny boy here. Because he is too anxious to open up his presents under the tree, he always do some tricks on me. Like yesterday, he wanted me to greet him merry Christmas and then after i greeted him he asked me if he can open his presents, haha whatta a very wise boy i have here! And then later on he was playing train train then he said please say it Mommy, open! So i said what he wanted me to say. And then he said, now that you told me to open it means i can open my presents, hahaha you see? What kind of boy i have here, very funny and very entertaining. He sure does makes me smile all the time. Keep telling him not to open the presents until it's Christmas day. So i told him that he's still got few more days to go before the Christmas day comes... He seem just can't wait, silly boy!

High Technology Equipments

I was sitting here in front of the television watching the show about medical. Got me interested about it because when i was just a little girl i used to dream to be a nurse. But i guess that dream never came true. In some way it did actually, since i became a nurse to my kids nurturing what they need and of course to my loving husband. But anyway, while i was watching the show it all flashed back the memories when i had my youngest son which is now four months old. I was there in the hospital all by myself, got so tired and bored nothing to do after scrolling the television's channel and there was nothing good that is on, my attention caught to something else. I looked all the medical equipment they have in there and made me think that those equipments are go to be good and very high technology.

Another Family Adventure

Merry Christmas, Merry Christmas!!! I know, i know Christmas is coming so soon and i just could not wait! Even my four year old son is very excited and anxious of his presents under the Christmas tree. Mine is not bought yet but it will be soon and i just can't wait, so so so excited!!! But anyway, hubby said something like after Christmas we are going to have another exciting and fun trip especially for our preschooler boy. Can you guess where? Hmmm, well since i cannot shut my mouth right now because of too much excitement, i will just might as well tell you. We are going to disney world!!! And i am pretty sure that it will be another adventure that is worth to keep as a good memory of our life....

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Winter Cold

Winter is surely here now. It's just hard for me to run around outside especially i got two kids with me. I have to bundle them up with their coats. My little potato which is the youngest has to be wrapped up more. He has been fussing for the last couple of days, i think he is now starting to have teeth coming out. I feel bad that i just could not help my little one, all i can do is just put some gel on his gum and hug him as tight as i can so he will feel that he is being comforted. Well, life of a mother eh! lol! If only there is someone who i can trust to, to leave my little one with, i don't have to drag him along when i pick up his big brother. It's just too cold for him to go outside with me, my poor little potato.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Here Comes The Bride

Here comes the bride, all dress in white! Whew, i cannot just believe it! My ever favorite niece in law is now getting married! I am just so happy for her. She will finally enter the another step of her life, to be a married woman and will going to have her own family. I am a bit sad though because she will be away from us for sure after her wedding but on the other hand i am also glad that she finally found the right man that will share his life for better or for worse with my beautiful niece in law. Well, anyway i am very excited for the day of their wedding, there is no exact date yet but it will be sometime in MAY next year. I know i need to get ready ahead of time so everything will be ready before her very special day comes. I need to buy my boys their tuxedo so they will be looking so handsome. They need it because it's a temple wedding and we should be wearing a very elegant and decent looking outfit for the wedding day.

Ugly and Torn

I do really need to buy some new rugs for my son's bedroom. The rugs that he's got right now in his bedroom is already torn and looking so ugly, that's why i really need to replace them. There are three of them, i like to put rugs on it because his floor is wooden and i have a very active pre- schooler here and i don't want him to get hurt from keep on jumping on his bed to the floor. It will be less hurt for him if he's got more rugs to protect him from hard wood floor he's got on his room when he jumps around. And i am sure that since Christmas is just around the corner, lots of nice rugs i can find with a very reasonable price nowadays...

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Losing My Appetite

I just noticed lately to myself that i am losing my appetite. Whenever i get hungry, i rush into the kitchen and dig our fridge for something to eat but when the food is ready and cooked, i have no urge to eat anymore. I am not really sure if it is because i have so much things going on in my mind or it is simply just i lost my appetite. I need to consult my physician about this matter because i am taking some pills for my sugar to normalize. There are a lot of times that i am starving but i don't want to eat anything. I don't really exactly know what is going on with me right now, i hope i can find some solution to this, i am scared though....

Thursday, November 19, 2009

I Would Love To

Who's blogger that don't want her website to be recognized in the search engine? Of course everyone likes their website to be noticed, doesn't it? That's why i was looking for some help so my website will be indexed. Because of millions of websites and links here online, sometimes it is hard to compete especially to those very popular ones. I was so thankful when i found out that i can submit my website to the web directories so it will be recognized and will be seen by many people. Through this help, i can now say that my website will be read by those people who's looking for an answer to their questions. I would love to help people you know, and once they read my articles here that can answer their question, it will be a great pleasure to me.

He Made A Mess!

I was so upset earlier because i told my son not to touch the cucumber pickles i just made that i put on the container and brought it here with me in the front room. Because of his endless curiosity, even though i already told him that he won't like it because it is too spicy for him, i put hot vinegar to it, he still opened it. He picked one and tasted it, then the last thing i saw was, he tripped the container off and spilled the whole thing on the table!!!

My temper boiled into the hottest point. I tried to control myself because i already told him not to touch it but he still did. Kids will always be kids anyway. So i told him that he already know what to do. He went straight to his room and locked himself in. He cried and cried, was really guilty for what he did, he just made a terrible mess. He almost wet my camera and my laptop which is nearby the container. Good thing i was able to grab a napkin real quick and stopped the vinegar from flowing towards my laptop. He could have break my electronic things, good thing i saw it right away. After a minute, he came out was still crying and asking an apology for what he did.

That's one thing i really appreciate about my son, once he knows he did something wrong, he apologize so quickly with tears. Meaning, he really meant what comes out from his mouth. He gave me a hug and that made my temper came back down to the coolest point. I told him better listen to Mommy all the time, because Mommy is not gonna tell him that is bad for him, it's always good for him. Hays! This kid! I told him that i love him so much and if he loves me too, he should listen to me all the time whenever i say something to him.

RV Insurance

Every time the winter comes, i always noticed that the neighbor's RV across the street is not there by their driveway. Makes me think where they put it. I asked hubby if there is a storage for the RV's. He said yes, also he mentioned that having RV is not cheap, the RV's itself is expensive to keep plus the insurance of it. Hubby said good thing that our neighbor has the best rv insurance. They don't have to pay for their RV's insurance so terribly high amount. I have never rid an RV before but i bet it would be nice if one day i go camping with my friends who's got RV.

Monday, November 16, 2009

How To Boost Your Rank

I was looking for some best website that can help me to boost my rank. I have been so quiet for a while that's why my rank is going down. A friend told me that she know a best web directory that every blogger would want to know. Indeed a very best website i have found so far. I am just looking forward that soon my website will be recognized in the search engine and will get lots of visitors everyday like what i am hoping for. Since there is millions of bloggers in the whole world, i would like to be one of the famous blogger as well like the others that has millions of visitors everyday. You want to try? There is no harm on trying though so visit the website that i provided and you will find out how.

Bad Grammar

I am not so sure if i really am a good blogger or not. But i just want to let everybody know that i am trying my best that i can to deliver my post here heartily and of course watching my correct grammar. You might not all know that i am just a highschool graduate but willing to learn everyday, willing to be corrected by someone in a nice way. I would also love to help someone that needs my help, i would never hesitate if that someone is also open to be corrected. I opened this up because i want to know if you guys have something to say about my post here, i am very open like i said, it's for my own good and i would appreciate if ever someone will say something.

Monday, November 9, 2009

Eye Care

Holidays are coming! And i am sure to that there will be a lot of sales in the grocery stores, malls and some outlets. Well, it is the perfect time to buy things that you really need like me. And that reminds me, since it is holiday season, i am going to take advantage of it for my eye wear. I got my eye wear last year and it has been almost 2 years now since i am wearing it. I saw a lot of Holiday Fun Eyeglasses already and i am loving all the styles they have. Wearing an eyeglass can be fun especially when you get those New Arrivals. Especially when they are just affordable like this $8 Prescription Zenni Glasses. So if you wear eye glasses, you can choose different styles to fit your face perfectly.

Canker Sore!!!

Yes! I am having canker sore right now. Not just one but two of them. Beside my molar on the left side and underneath my tongue. Can you imagine the pain i am going through right now? It's terrible! It's hard for me to eat and even to drink water or milk. A lot of friends told me that it will help if i gargle warm water with salt on it, i did it and it actually did help a little bit but the pain is still there. Ouch! One friend told me that there is a cream for this so i can feel no pain anymore. It is actually for babies, if they are teething, this cream is really better for them so they will feel nothing. Well, i might try that and will buy it at the pharmacy since it is only an over the counter cream. Hope i will feel better soon enough, i hate having canker sore!!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

What A Small World!

What a small world indeed! You can never really tell who are you going to meet anywhere and it happens to be a relative or maybe a child to someone you knew. Just like what happened to me yesterday. I picked up my son from his school and waited there for a little bit because i got to his school before the kids came out from the school building. While i was waiting for my son inside my car, i saw a fire truck came by because the building next door called for help. I don't exactly know what is going on but all i see is there's fire trucks, ambulance and police cars.

Soon as the guy who drove one of the fire truck came out from the driver's seat, i recognized him right away. He is the son of one of my friend! I recognized him even though i haven't met him yet in person because i saw his picture with his mother in their house. So, since they were not too busy because there is nothing really big problem going on, i was able to talk to him and he was glad to meet me in person and so am i. Finally, we met in person, the son of my friend that she is bragging about. She told me that her son is been dreaming to be a fireman and now he actually is a fireman already! He chose to be a fireman and he is now. My son got so fascinated with his fire fighter uniform and he encouraged me that why not let my son take the Fire Service Careers in perfect time. I just answered him with my smile. Whatever my son would like to be when he grow up, i will support it, respect it and will give him good advice to every decision he makes in his life.

Excellent Growing Percentage

My little one is just getting so big so fast! You probably all knew already that i can't have baby anymore. I guess i have mentioned about it here that my tubes are tied already. Well, i just took my doctor's advice better not to have baby no more because i might not make it next time. I almost wasted my life when i had my third baby. I was in pain and miserable. But it sure all worth it! I delivered a very healthy baby boy weighed 9.3 lbs and measured about 21 inches long.
We just had his check up this morning and according to the doctor he is doing very excellent. Base to the graph that the doctor is referring to, out of a hundred babies, most of them gets 75 percent of their growth, but my baby got 78 percent. I really don't know how to explain the whole thing but as far as what the doctor said, he is really doing great basing to his size, his weight, his head measurement and his moves. Mostly three months old babies can't sit on parent's lap yet or can't lift their head alone yet, but my baby can already. Well, he is starting to taste the rice cereal a little bit and i am giving him a little runny so he can swallow it easy like formula. Actually, my oldest son had his solid food when he was only a month. Yes, my babies eat solid food too early but they seem growing just fine and i am happy that they are growing healthy and happy kids.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Demanding Boy

My son is starting to be demanding these days. He is getting aware of what he wants to have in his own room. Last time he told his dad to buy him laptop computer so he can just bring it to his room just like mommy. As he sees me dragging my laptop everywhere inside the house. So he is getting the idea that having a laptop is very convenient because he can take it anywhere. He told us one time that he wants to take the laptop in the living room so he can watch his favorite shows while playing his games in my laptop. And now he is telling again daddy that he also needs a television inside his room so he can watch television when he wakes up or before going to bed. Hubby said he is thinking that he will buy him the lcd monitor so he can put it on top of his drawers. We already looked some of them so he can have an idea what's the perfect one to get for our son to put it in his own room.

Monthly Period

Arghhhh!!!! I have my second monthly period today since i gave birth and it is pretty heavy. It is always like this if i don't take anything like birth control pills or something. Before when i was taking pills my period is very light that i just could use a single pad a day, but now i can't. I have to change my pads every so often to prevent leaks. I remember when i had my very first period when i was just 11 years old, i didn't noticed that i had red spots on my school uniform because i was not aware i already had my period. One of my classmates noticed and told me about it and i felt so embarrassed because they teased me that the baby is now a lady, lol! Well, anyway, it's very normal for women so no big deal. Good thing i don't feel cramps and pains now like i used to when i was single. I heard that soon as you gives birth, cramps and pains will disappear every time your period comes, maybe it's true because i never felt any cramps and pains right after i delivered my first child.

Friday, October 30, 2009

I Want My Own Design

Who would not want to have their home presentable and neat looking? We all do right? I have been thinking about to have a little renovation in our house since the furnitures we have here are kind of old and getting worn out. And i want my own design and hubby knows that i am very particular in everything. When i came to this house, it was a mess, for all you know most men doesn't really care about housekeeping for they only know how to work and make money not to work inside the house because as what mostly men says it's a woman's job to keep the house clean. Anyway, i want to choose my own design furniture for this house, and hubby told me that we will work on that very soon. When i heard that from him, i just got so excited because i can now picture out what's our house gonna be look like after the little renovation we are going to do to this house of ours.

Happy Halloween!

I just barely got back from taking my son to his school. He was really excited to see all his classmates because today they are all be wearing their halloween costumes. While i was dressing him up he kept telling me that i need to paint his face. So i did! And all his classmates were so scared of him because he looks like a real devil one. He looks like a little vampire lol! Too bad i wasn't able to take a picture of him because we were in hurry because i also have my doctor's appointment earlier before his time to school. But i will make sure i will take a picture of him later after i pick him up from school. He just can't wait to go for trick or treating, in fact he is practicing what he should say soon as the door opens for him lol! Silly boy but he sure is cute! He told me that he will say, TRICK OR TREAT!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Desktop Computer

Christmas holiday is getting so close and i reminded hubby about it. He said that it would be nice if he will buy me something this year since he didn't buy anything for me last year because i chose to roam the south part of the country instead. With that, it's a big present for me already, that i was able to see some other states of the country. Not very many people get to do that like our neighbor across the street. She told me i am so lucky that i was able to visit different states while she haven't been to many places yet. Take note! She is Caucasian and i am Asian.

Well anyway, back to what i am getting at, hubby asked me what do i want from him this year. I was thinking so deeply until i answered him my sweet smile. I remember my dear friend was surfing on the net, she is an online shopper and it is very convenient for her to shop online instead of going to the store and buy the things that she wants plus the fact that she gets to have lots of discounts. She showed me some coupons that she got and shared it with me. I thanked her because i was gonna tell hubby to buy me desktop computer at the store but she told me about the BestBuy coupons. So instead of going to the store, why not buy it online since it is more convenient indeed!

Happy Boy Here!

I was busy taking care of my little one when suddenly i heard my 4 year old son screaming his throat out! The first thing came to my mind was i thought he got hurt, either he fell down, he bumped or he just did something that got him hurt. So even though i was having hard time to run because i was carrying his little brother, i rushed towards where he was at to find out what was going on why he screamed so loud. Then i just found out that he was looking by the window and saw outside that it started snowing real heavy.

He sure did got me on that! He got me scared but good thing he screamed because he just got so excited that the heavy snow is finally here. He's been asking me few days ago if it is going to snow and that it finally did, he was so happy and planning to make his snowman even though there is not much snow to gather yet to make a snowman. Well, i am really happy nothing bad happened to him but on the other hand he almost gave me heart attack, lol!

Bruise Marks

Some people has their birthmarks, some of them has their moles. Yes i do have birthmark on my left hand but i also get bruise marks on my lower knees all the time, why? Because of the tub in our bathroom. Every time i go there and take a shower i always hit my knees on the tub because it is a little too high for me to jump my feet to get in it. I have been telling this to hubby and i told him that i want this walk in tubs because i know for sure it is easier for me to get in the tub without hurting myself. I can now imagine going to the tub and soaking myself and leaving there spotless.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Blue Eyed Boy

Did you guys remember i posted an update here about a girl that got me so fascinated with her bright blue eyes? Well, i didn't tell the world that i was pregnant that time, i kept it for personal reason. If you missed that update i got here long time ago, here's the link, so you can look at her bright blue eyes. Her name is Zooey Deschanel by the way. I have been wishing that someday GOD will give me a child that has blue eyes. But i was still depressed that time and didn't really think that i can have a baby that has blue eyes.

I was just surprised when i delivered my second boy last August and found out his eye color is sure different. There's no science explanation about this because according to my husband, for a child to have blue eyes, it has to be both parents that has blue eyes so the baby can have that genes. Just take a look at my baby's eyes, although they aren't as blue as Zooey's but aren't they blue?

Motor Biker's Best Lawyers

Hubby and i slept so late last night, we were talking a lot of things in our life, our coming due payment of our car and the registrations, different kinds of models of cars, regular cars, luxury cars, and sports cars like those fancy ones until we ended up talking some other things like motorbikes. I asked him how come that there are some motor bikers that are not wearing their helmets. We both know that, that's the only protection they have since it's pretty obvious that they don't have car seats. And if they get accident like any other motor bikers, they must get the best lawyers like in San Jose motorcycle accident attorney. They sure can help motor bikers to win the case.

Not Too Happy

Again, we received mail today that made hubby upset. He wasn't just too happy about the insurance we had because they are raising fees without prior notice. They seems like they are the most affordable one and most reliable but they are just another bait insurance. Hubby said that we need to consider what his dad told him long time ago that we need to change our term life insurance into a better one like the one that he's got. I could just read my husband's face and his hurt brain that he is now sure to change our insurance, good thing!

I Just Can't Wait!

My friend and i are planning to have a small halloween party this coming weekend. Even though there are only few that are invited, i am sure that this is gonna be a fun halloween party for us. Last 2007 i was wearing my pussycat costume, my husband was a judge and my son was an elephant. But last year my husband and i didn't join any party since we were still grieving for the loss of our daughter, but we were still able to take our son for trick or treating house to house. And this year, i am glad that we are going to have another party again and i just can't wait to wear my halloween costume which is going to be so seductive and daring, lol! So watch out for my post here guys and i'll post the photos here soon...

Hitting Back The Track

I just noticed that crisis is not as bad like it was before anymore. Business nowadays are starting to boom once again, which is i am really glad. One of my friend from Washington has their own business and they are slowly hitting back the track. She was happy when she phoned me the other day telling me about the good news. She was just too happy about it, in fact she mentioned that they are adding some more POS systems on their business, isn't that sounds so exciting? I really am happy for her and for her husband too. They really did a great job working together with their business...

Organizing Plans And Schedules

Have i told you guys i am going to continue my studies soon? Yes i will! And i am currently working on my plans and schedules as a wife, a mother to my two boys and to become a student once again. Although i am not financially prepared about it because i just gave birth almost 3 months ago but i am still glad i can have the college student loans which i can use for my studies soon. This is gonna be a big help for my financial problem since i don't want to bother hubby about it because he is paying a lot of bills including my hospital bills and also the baby's bills. At least with this kind of help, i can pay it myself in time and i have no worries to think about.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Genital Itchiness

For all the women in the world who happens to come by here, i have a question for you! Yes, you! Did you experienced this genital itchiness? I did! It was crazy and unbearable! I just could not stand it and it bothers me so much. Last night i rushed to the grocery store that has small over the counter pharmacy because i was looking for fast relief of my itchiness. Good thing that even though it was very late already, i was able to buy a tube cream that just worked well on me. Some people called this yeast infection.

Hubby was worried about it and he said that if it won't go away still, i might want to call my OB-GYN to set an appointment for this problem i have. I remember i had this before too when i was pregnant with my little one, it was just too itchy and i was so hesitant to scratch it because it might get worse and could cause more problem. The doctor gave me some pills to take, if i remember it right i was taking it one every other day. Good thing i found a cream that helped my problem last night. But i would still want to make an appointment to my doctor so she can give me the right medicine for this.

Winter Is Coming

Yes, it is getting there! Snow is coming very soon. Although it is only fall season today but i am getting ready for winter. My 4 year old son is now a pre-schooler and always send and pick him up at his school. It is kind of hard for me but i am loving it actually. Time flies so fast, i just realized that i got a student already. But anyway, like i said i am so ready for this winter coming and i expect that strong winds comes with it and sometimes heavy rains comes too. So i bought a rain guards for my car so when i send and pick up my son at school i have no problem when it rains. My car windows will be protected from rains and wind. Hubby actually liked it and he said that i am very clever. Of course i am!

Unpredictable Life

Life indeed is very unpredictable. I just barely got back from a friend's house. I visited and old man because his wife left him. It's kind of complicated story between them but still i feel sorry for this poor man that's been our friend for years. I talked to him to cheer him up and gave him some suggestions so he won't be depressed being in his lonely house all by himself. I also gave him Backwoods cigars that he really likes the most. I feel so bad about their situation though because they have been married for long years and ended up not being together anymore, so i gave my best that i think it would make him happy, i gave him my moral support and a little gift for him. It wasn't that much but it sure did paint a smile on his sad face.

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is It Snowing Yet?

My dear 4 year old son is been asking me over and over again. Mommy, is it snowing yet? I heard this question of his million times in a day. I guess he is just excited to play snow again. Last year we made a snowman together for the very first time and now he is excited to do it again. I don't think i could stay that long outside on snowy days but i bet my son can. I just don't know what's up with the cold that makes the kids so excited about it, for me it's a big no no to stay outside.

I always hibernate myself inside the house during winter time, i love to wrap myself up while drinking hot coco in front of my computer doing my daily online routine. Mommy, is it snowing yet? There he goes again, asking me and it's starting to be annoying, lol! Not yet son, you'll see when the ground is all white, then you can see it's snowing, ok? Alright mom.... My 4 year old son has endless questions ready for mommy and mommy has only limited answers to those questions he has in his smart brain...

Hubby Is Upset

My husband was really upset the other day because we received the mail if our auto insurance. He was upset because they raised our insurance without even notifying us or anything. And the other thing is, it's a nonsense raise. He called it bait quotes. He thought that he got the best car insurance but he was wrong. Good thing a friend from his work mentioned about his insurance and he said he has it for a while now and he is having no problem about it. He said that his auto insurance quote is the best one. Hubby told me to check this out because he is planning to change our insurance from this insurance crooks.

Show To Real Life

I was watching this local series show through my computer and it just made me interested with the topic. It's all about between rich family and very poor people. This rich family has their big mining company that affects poor people's health in this small county due to burying their asbestos in that small community place. Poor people we're trying to sue the company for making their loved ones sick and died. I just feel bad that these poor people might lose their case because the powerful mining company can bribe the justice and pay the judge a fairly good amount so the case will win in favor to the mining company. While these poor people is having mesothelioma. Although this is just a show but it could happen in a real life.

Quick Way To Communicate

Looking at my wedding pictures made me reminisce all the things that happened to me and my husband when we first met each other. I met my husband through my aunt who used to work with my husband before. She introduced me to him through writing letters. He wrote me a letter and i responded to it. It may sound so oldie but that's how we met. I have never been aware of chatting before because i was busy with my job and have no time to have fun. But when my aunt's husband told us about live chat, hubby and i were able to communicate in a quick way and was able to talk about different things. Discussing things about working paper works for my visa to come here in united states. That is indeed a big help for us without having trouble communicating each other.

So Glad

I just recently checked my son's temperature and it is telling me that his fever has gone down so far from 101.8 last night to 98.9 today. I am relieved because the other night he was hallucinating and shivering that made me panicked. I also am glad that he is gaining his appetite back, he requested the food that he wanted so i cooked it right away so he can eat.

It's just hard for a mother to see the child gets sick especially me that i just barely gave birth 2 months ago and i have little one to take care too aside from my 4 year old boy and i am all by myself here with no help from my immediate family because they are miles away from me. Situation like this makes me wanna go home but if i go there it makes me wanna come back here because i am going to miss my husband and will feel bad that he will be by himself here coming home from work in a quiet house... I am thinking that i would love to go back home next year even for just a month but we'll see if that happens.

Looking Forward

I just phoned my sister yesterday, she mentioned that she is going to continue her studies no matter how difficult to fit it in to her daily routine. She told me that she must finish her degree so she can find a better and good job that will fit her best. In fact, she encouraged me to do the same thing and she told me that i don't need to get dress and worry about where or who will take care of my kids since i can continue my college degree and enroll at online university. My sister heard about this university and she said that this is the best she found so far where i can take an online mba. This made me excited and anxious to go back to school again, and i am looking forward for a better career for myself in the future. I already told hubby about this matter and he agree that it is time for me, it would be very convenient for me to study while at home.

We Need A New One

We have been considering to buy a new couch for our living room since the couch we have right now is getting old and ugly. We were supposed to buy a new couch long time ago but hubby said that we must hold off to that since our son was just little and he would be jumping on it until it gets ruined and sure enough he did. Even though we have a new little one here and i am sure he will do the same thing as what he did by his big brother, still i wanted to buy a new couch because the one that we have right now is not presentable anymore and it's just embarrassing if someone comes in to our house sitting in a very ugly and old couch. We really need to buy a new one and i want to purchase the modern furniture that i have been eyeing.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thanks Goodness!

Thanks GOD my 4 year old son is not having swine flu like what i thought it was. We just barely got back from his doctor and the doctor found out that he is having an ear infection and bad tonsillitis. Now he is dosing off because i gave him his antibiotic that the doctor prescribed. Last night he had a very high fever, it was like 103.0 and i panicked, i wiped him with wet cold towel all over his body to cool him down. He was hallucinating, saying something so weird and pointing in the air although i don't see anything where he was pointing at.

Right now, he is asleep and i am looking forward for his fast recovery. He supposed to go to school earlier but i didn't send him because of his high fever. Hopefully he will be able to go to school on Friday. I really thought it was swine flu because he had the symptoms and it scared me so. It's really a heart breaking of a mother seeing a child sick. I cried last night while i was wiping him because he was shivering. He was talking weird last night while i was wiping him and he said something like he is red and i am blue. He got sick before too when we had our vacation last year in Philippines and was hallucinating too. He doesn't get sick very often but if he does he looks miserable, that's why i don't really wait for days, i take him to see the doctor right away making sure nothing serious is going on with him. Good thing he is just having infection and there is nothing serious problem....

Friday, September 4, 2009

Baby Of Mine

It's been a month since i delivered my little young man and i must say that i am recovering very well. Although depressions sometimes comes and goes but i am working on it, i am trying to remind myself that i am blessed of having such a wonderful family instead of feeling self pity. My little man is getting so big and been a good baby to Mommy especially during at night, he only wakes up once or twice at the most and never cry too much like some other newborns. He is just like his big brother, i remember when i had my oldest son, he was a quiet baby too and didn't gave me hard time.

Anyway, i just want to share you all real quick this scary but cute picture of my one month old baby. Scary because he is about to fall down from his rocker for i forgot to buckle him up before i left him, cute as well to look at him that even though he is about to fall down, still he is in a deep sleep and didn't care about his position... I was too busy preparing dinner and cleaning the kitchen as well when my oldest son told me that his baby brother's feet is hanging out. So i hurried and peeked real quick and this is what i saw.... Good thing he didn't fall down from his rocker... Poor baby of mine...

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Surgery To Undergo

I had my appointment with the general surgeon yesterday about my second operation. I mentioned this operation to my other blog My Life, My World. Now, i am going to rant here all about it.

When i got confined at the hospital last August 3rd which i delivered my baby that very day, after the delivery i didn't stop bleeding, my blood level went down so low and wasn't able to respond the oxygen they put in my mouth like i was supposed to, in short, i wasn't breathing. So the doctor was wondering and started to worry about me. They had to wake me up and let me breath deep. I didn't know all about this was happening to me, it was my husband who told me all about it. He got so worried and scared. So the doctor did all the procedure he could do to find out what is wrong with me. I supposed to recover just fine although my incisions will still hurt but the doctor didn't expect to have me in a bad shape. So the doctor sent me to the CT scan room and ultrasound room to find out what's causing of my bleeding continuously. I had to comply all those test even though i was in terrible pain still with my surgery, for i was just barely out from the recovery room.

Thankfully, the doctor finally found out what is wrong with me. My gall bladder has stone and that is what causing of my bleeding and other problems. He talked to me and he suggested that it should be taken off and recommended the general surgeon that i talked yesterday about the operation. So, i am going to have another surgery to undergo tomorrow and hopefully everything will be fine afterwards. The surgeon said that i should not stay in the hospital for more than a day for it is only a quick surgery. I am just worried about my newborn because it will be daddy who will take care of him. As you know, daddies are not that good when it comes to babies. I guess, i just have to leave it to hubby and remind him everything what he must do while i am gone for a day.

So please co-blogger and friends, pray for me that everything will be fine for me... I will get back here and rant everything again as soon as my surgery is done and will be back home... Thank you and God bless us all!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Lots Of Doctor's Appointment

I guess i am slowly getting back on blogging. I missed a lot of things here i know but will sure try to catch up. If you happen to visit my other blog My Life, My World you will see that i have a latest update in there. I just barely gave birth a week ago and i have a bouncy healthy baby boy. Well, anyway yesterday we went to another OB/GYN (not the one who did my surgery because he is now on vacation), supposed to take off the staples from my incisions. But unfortunately, he doesn't accept our insurance so we just come home and the staples still stuck on my tummy. Earlier we called the office of the doctor who did my surgery and still no progress. Well, i guess i have to wait until tomorrow because the recording machine said that they will be back tomorrow. And i am hoping that he can take the staples out from me soon as possible because it is starting to bother me and one big concern i have is, it's not suppose to stay in my incision for so long.

On the other hand, my poor newborn little guy had his circumcision this morning and i was there. I could hardly look at it because it was too much for me to see. My poor boy was screaming to death, i know it is painful but i am glad about it because he won't be able to remember this surgery of his at all, just like his big brother before. The only difference was i didn't cry this time, when my oldest son had his circumcision the nurse kinda smiled at me because i cried and was so nervous for my poor boy. As first time mother, you might relate what i felt during those time, but this second one, i was a little tougher to actually be there inside the room.

Right now, baby and i are trying to gain more rest, for we are still recovering from pains, especially me. I have one more surgery coming up probably next week and i will tell you all about it later. It won't be as big as my C-section but still a surgery that i need to get ready of. I hope after this surgery that i am talking about, i will be done and will be fine.

I just want to thank you to all the friends who welcomed my newborn baby and for leaving awesome words that sure did left big smile in my heart, thank you so much! And i would not mention all of you for you know already who you are i am talking about. Again, thank you all so much and i truly appreciate our friendships.... God bless us all!!!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Trying To Get Back

I know that it has been so long since i last updated this blog. I am more active offline life than here. Plus i have a very active son that is always seeking my attention lately. He wants to enjoy every second of the day with us his parents outside especially now that the weather is getting nicer. I was totally exhausted for the past days, i had so much things going on. Last week i prepared everything for my dear son's big day party. He just turned four and i am really happy that he had a big blast on his big day. His daddy had a very nice presents for him which is a new big bike. He used to have small trike and that was his birthday presents from daddy too two years ago.

Sure time flies so fast indeed. A lot of things happened to me and to my family bad or good. But here we are, still together and being happy to have each other. I love my family so much and i felt so blessed all the time. GOD must really love me so much because HE gave me everything, more than what i expecting to have. I have nothing to complain about my life, i have everything to be grateful for and to be thankful for everyday.

But anyway, i am trying to get back here in blogging as possible as i can. I know i am too much left behind of what's going on here in blogosphere but i will try my best to catch up. I miss all my net friends here too and i am sure you all miss me (i hope). From now on, i will try to update this blog once in while, i'll try my best not to take ages before i have another update, lol.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Spring Is For Gardening

Actually i was just lazy these past months that i was not able to update my blogs. To keep you update from that little girl down below, she is well and active again. And if you are wondering about this blog if it is still active and working, yes it's still is. It is just the author who is not active and didn't find time to write about things what is going on lately. I am too occupied outside with my son. We always do some activities outside since spring time is here now and we are excited about it. He is getting so big and more curious to learn more things outside than being stuck inside the house. He wants me to take him to go to my friend's house because it is more fun in her place for him. He finds it fun because my friend's house is by the country side, she's got big garden in the back of their house and there's ditch in their front yard where there's bull frog living there. He likes to throw rocks at it and watching it hops and hops.

Kids likes to do things that can amuse them. And because it is safer to have him play out there, i just let him burn his energy while i am helping my friend do her garden. She's got green house where she plants all the seeds that she wants to put in her garden, such as tomatoes, bell peppers and egg plants, and etc. Before i always stay in the house because blogging made me stay. But now that paid blogging is not doing good, i find more time to bond with my son outside rather than stay here in front of my laptop doing nothing.

Monday, February 9, 2009

One Jolly Little Girl

This is my niece, my sister's youngest daughter. We call her bajek, or jekjek. I called my sister the other day and she was really worried about her daughter because she is very ill right now. She was confined at the hospital because the doctor told my sister that her daughter had all the symptoms of having a DENGUE. Her eldest daughter had this scary illness too before when she was younger. She reached into what the doctor called, stage 5 which is very dangerous stage for a sick little girl. Right now my sister is worried, i haven't heard from her since we last talked. I sent some message to my mother asking her about my niece's condition and she said my sister hasn't answered all her messages either.

She is one cute little girl. She is about the same age as my son but she is a little younger. She is one jolly and very entertaining kid that everyone would love soon as you see her. She's got the smile that no one can't resist. She loves to dance and sing a lot that makes people around her would adore her. I hope she will get well so soon. I am worried about her too, i am praying that everything will be alright....

Monday, January 26, 2009

Puto Espesyal Recipe

Alright, i received a lot of comments to my post below about my success Puto Espesyal. And i can tell that i am not the only one living abroad who is craving for it. It is indeed sometimes hard to live here abroad because you will miss all the food that you been eating back home. Good thing that my family loves to cook and so am i. So we were able to share the recipes, tips and secret on how to cook the food even more delicious.

Well, anyway, since a lot of my co-blogger friends who wanna know the recipe of my Puto Espesyal, i will share here now the recipe of it. I just want to thank you to all my loyal readers here who commented on my previous post, thank you so much and if you want to learn on how to make the Puto Espesyal, here's how:

1 lb. sifted cake flour
6 egg whites (separate the egg whites from the yolk)
3 teaspoon baking powder
4 cups white sugar
1 and half cup of milk
1 cup of water
Vanilla essence
1 teaspoon cream of tartar
Cheese cut into strips


Mix the sifted flour, 2 cups of white sugar, and 3 teaspoon of baking powder. Mix it thoroughly and then mix the liquids, the 1 and half cup milk and the 1 cup of water. Stir it in one direction and set aside when it's totally mixed.

Mix the 1 teaspoon cream of tartar into the egg whites. Prepare the 2 cups white sugar. Beat the egg white until it starts to bubble then slowly pour the 2 cups white sugar into it. Keep beating it until it becomes fluffy. When it's done, slowly pour the mixed flour into the beaten egg whites and stir it until it will totally mixed. You can choose whatever muffin molds you like for your puto espesyal. Then put the cheese strips on top of the muffin molds with uncooked puto espesyal, then load it into the steamer for 15 minutes or so and taste it to see if it is done.

So that's it! Not very complicated and very easy to do! I hope you will enjoy cooking and let me know if you cook some so i can take a look at it how delicious your cooking is!

And oh by the way, you can cook the egg yolk whatever you like, maybe you want to make some omelet or scramble eggs, that will be best. You cannot mix the egg yolk in the the Puto Espesyal.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Success!!! I Did It!!!

I have been craving the puto espesyal of my brother back in Philippines. He makes puto espesyal so delicious and no one can't just simply resist to grab one, two, three or even more! In fact, every time we have an occasion back home, Puto espesyal of his is always present as a dessert. And now that i craved for it, i decided to make some. Actually, i made some long time ago when i just barely got here in America, but it didn't turned out so good like what i expected it because i used wrong ingredients to it. I had no cream of tartar to mix it with the egg white and also the flour i used was just an all purpose flour. The result, gewy, and wet! I so hated it and ate some, hubby ate some of it too but i threw the rest because i was so disappointed about my cooking, it's failed!

So, when i was able to chat with my sister who is the master of the Puto Espesyal, who also taught our younger brother on how to make it, she told me not to use the all purpose flour. I've got to use the cake flour and i've got to have the cream of tartar for the egg white. So i did! Hubby bought all the ingredients i need and couldn't wait until tomorrow to cook it to see if it will turn out good this second time around, and of course i am bragging about it now because it is indeed a success! Just take a look at this photo i shared below! I had different kinds of shapes because i used different muffin molds for it. Actually, since i really don't have muffin molds that are meant for Puto Espesyal, i was so clever to use the ice tray, isn't that sounds funny? But it turned out so good though! Take a look at it! Yummy yum yum!!!

Summertime Plan

Have you heard the game world of paintball? Actually, that is what exactly we are planning to do this coming summertime. I am sure that it would be fun for me and for my family as well. Aside from going out in our backyard, we are going to do some activities that will make our bonding even stronger as well. Hubby just barely purchased the paintball gear and the kingman paintball. We are so ready to use it and have fun under the sun!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Chikka Alternative

If you are a Filipina living abroad like me, then you should know what i am talking about the title of my post. I have been having trouble with the Chikka to connect from my computer to my mother's cellphone so we can communicate to each other as much as we can, in fact almost everyday to check her status and check what's going on there everyday. Her health is not good so i must communicate with her everyday for me to keep informed if she need something so i can also communicate to my siblings if ever there will be a problem. And thankfully, as for now her health is not so bad, she may not be totally well but she is better.

I am talking about this because sometimes it makes me upset that when i try to log in to this website, it won't let me go through. I try not to call her as much as i can because it is so expensive if i will keep on doing that and besides, i only phone her if i have really important matter to tell her. So, right now i am asking you all co-filipina bloggers if you do know some alternative on how can i contact my mother aside from Chikka website. If you do know some websites, please don't hesitate to leave your comments here and rest assured that it will be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much in advance and i am looking forward to read some comments here that can help me.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hair Cut Techniques

It sure is not easy to have a son. I am a woman and he is my first child so definitely i have no idea how to cut his hair with styles, unless i will take him to the barber shop which he hated it so much because he thought that the barber will do something bad to him. So i bought some cutting tools so i will just cut his hair myself. I keep on browsing some help tips i could find here in the internet so i will learn some more ideas on how to maintain his hair looking so neat and clean. Good thing i found this how to cut men's hair dvd. It is indeed a very helpful idea for me , in fact i showed it to my son that he won't be scared anymore and he will realize that Mommy can cut his hair nicely.
Also, paying the barber is a little more money so if i can do it, why do i have to pay for them, right? I need to purchase this mens hair cutting dvd so i will learn some more ideas and more styles about hair cutting. Who knows, if i am good enough at it already, people will start to hire me to cut their hair. And not only that, i can also cut my husband's and my son's hair for free and with love and care of course. If you are interested on how to be a professional in cutting men's hair, don't dare to miss getting one copy of professional hair cutting dvd. I am sure you will be more interested once you see how well and how they just simply do it.
Men's Hairstyles

Hair Cutting Videos | Hair Cutting Techniques

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Trip Coming?

I just realized that my passport is going to expire soon. And hubby is been asking me about it. I suppose to just let it expire and will take care of it later but he said that since he is still on a furlough on his job why not take care of it soon as we can. What hubby said was true. So i browsed the Philippine Consulate office in San Francisco and i found out that they just changed their requirements of renewing the passport. The applicants has to appear personally if ages 8 and above until 64 years old. 8 years old below and senior citizen ages 65 and above doesn't require to present themselves in person.

But anyway, so i belong to a category that i need to appear in person. I should do it because i don't want to travel there later this year for i have my own reason. Hubby is a little worried about it since it is winter time and more prone to accident in the road. I reminded him that we have traveled from here to Florida and back taking the North states and thankfully nothing happened to us, we got home safe and sound. Well, his excuse is California is more risky because it is a busy state and let's say there's more wild crazy drivers out there than here. I hope we'll get there safe and can get home safe as well. I just hate to think of accidents along the way and ended to take our car at bodyshop in california. I always pray every time we leave the house even though we just go out for dinner or something here in town that we will get home safe as it should be. We definitely cannot tell when the accidents is going to happen. So we better be careful and be more prepared about it.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Solution To My Boredom

I have been so bored lately that's why i hardly visit some other blogger's websites like me. I hardly get online at my messenger because i have no one to talk to either. But last night i was able to talk to my friend and she told me about the ActionAllStars.com. Soon as i open the website i got interested right away because it is so much fun to play the games plus the more fun thing to do is i can make my own player by designing it what i wanted it to look like.

I have been away to my computer lately but since i found this new fun games to play, i cannot resist but to keep on playing everyday. I also shared this game to my friends and they just love it as well like i do. Even my husband is having so much fun playing the games, i taught him how and he is enjoying it so much. This is perfect solution to my boredom, a fun games where i can use my free time while i am doing my business here in my computer.Post?slot_id=30653&url=http%3a%2f%2fsocialsparkDotcom_outlinedall

Monday, January 5, 2009

I Feel So Weak

I was suppose to do my daily routine now since holidays are over but i don't feel like doing anything since i felt weak this morning and until now still i don't have the energy to do what i must do. I've got clean clothes needs to be fold and put away in the closet but i didn't do it. I was suppose to undo the Christmas tree since hubby already did put some away like the Christmas balls and the tinsels and some other things that's been hanged there.

Arrgghhhh!!! I am always yawning and my eyes are always sleepy. I am thinking that this is the result of our very long trip we had recently. Every time we go to some place where we stay, we always go to bed so late and wakes up in the morning so early. Unlike when i am home, i wake up anytime i want to. Even in the hotel, we still gets up early so to keep on going and take advantage of the day since we are on winter time, it gets dark so quick. I don't know, i hope i can get back to my daily routine soon because i have a lot of things to do that is really need to be done, impromptu!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Movie With Moral Lessons

My husband and i are movie lovers. We watch movie a lot since that's all we have as our past time if we are just inside the house. It makes us bonded even closer as family since we watch movie mostly with lessons and family related movies. With that, we get more idea and more knowledge how to become a good parents to our son and to become a better person ourselves to be a good example and to be a good citizen. After we watch the movie, we talk about it what we think and how we get influenced by the message of the movie. We love to talk about it so we can share our thoughts all the time to one another. Well as always, pop corn or pizza are in the coffee table for us to munch while we are watching the movie.

I heard from my friends that All Roads Lead Home The Movie is one of the must seen movie now. It got me interested because even when i go to the store a lot of people is talking about it. It must have been so exciting and a very interesting movie because a lot of people are fond to this movie. I am sure hubby would be so interested to watch this and so am i since it sounded like this movie brings moral lessons to every family. A very touching story of a little girl that cannot just simply let go of her past and move on. I cannot wait to see this movie you know, this is the kind of movie i really love to watch and i would definitely buy a copy for this so i can watch this over and over again! Post?slot_id=30375&url=http%3a%2f%2fsocialspark

Friday, January 2, 2009

Meeting Dear Friends

Finally i was able to upload the photos i got when i met Angel and her family in Florida. She has a very nice house and a lovely family and i am very happy for her because her husband is so sweet and loving to her and to their kids. I am so grateful and thankful i met her here in blogosphere, she is one person that is worth to treasure forever. We got along so well because we are both talkative and we have a lot of things in common, lols!

Anyway, i had some friends who came over to her place too. They live in Melbourne Florida and they drove all the way to Jacksonville to see me again and to see my family of my own. I felt so special because they spent some time to drive for 3 hours just to see us there in Jacksonville at Angel's house. So here's the pictures i got there and we had so much fun seeing each other again and spent time to talk to Angel and her family.
From left to right: Me, my husband, Romel and his wife Laarni, Richard(Angel's husband) and Angel a great blogger friend

This is Romel's family, they have 3 kids, that's their youngest he was holding

And i would like to take this opportunity to thank Angel once again, she is indeed one true friend to keep.