Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Triangle Direct

If you are a curious blogger like me, you might want to check this Triangle Direct out! From there you can find thousands of network companies that might catch your attention, or the better reason is, it will give you good news by making more money through blogging. Although i am already happy enough of what i make even though it isn't that much like what i used to make before, but then, still i am glad that i am getting something, the fact that i am a stay home mother with two boys. I don't have to leave them and go to work.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Electronic Cigarettes

Some people just can't stop bad habits. Such as drinking alcohol or most of them can't just easily quit smoking. Although there are lots of programs that are willing to help smokers to quit from smoking, still they find the urge of smoking one until they later on realized that they end up going back to bad habit again.

For me, i think it is better for the people to buy electronic cigarettes. That way they still can enjoy their habit but then they are also getting themselves free from nicotine that cigarettes produce to their body which is very unhealthy and it could cause internal organ damage. So using this electronic one, is the safest way to satisfy their urge to smoke. That way they get to enjoy smoking and staying away from bad chemicals that could possibly cause death.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Saving Money

Contribution by Saul Martin

This economy is making so many people stop and think about spending money. My husband and I have always tried to live within our means, so when things started to get tight financially for all of our friends and family, we were able to slightly adjust our budget with no big issues. My mom, however, has always been a big spender. She has more credit cards than I can count and has hit the maximum limit on most of them. She owes literally thousands of dollars to credit card companies. She loves to shop and does not have impulse control. That’s why I was surprised when she told me she had been searching online for Shop Electricity Rates Texas to see how she could save money on their energy bill. I guess everybody is trying to find ways to save money. We have always had fixed-rate energy and it is nice to have a predictable energy bill each month. Maybe my mom can save some money on her energy bill and she will be able to apply that money to her credit card bills.

Friday, November 18, 2011

No Bullying! No Kids Deserves It!

When your child gets bullied, what are you going to do? Especially when the bullies are way bigger than your child, a lot older and supposed to be wiser. Sigh! That's what happened to my son today. It was his very first time getting bullied by 5th grader kids while they're in the bus. He was so upset and crying when he came home. I asked him what happened why he was mad, and he told me everything what happened.

He ought to show us his project that he did at school. According to him, it was an Indian hat that native American wears. He was all so excited when he was about to come home because he was going to show that to us. But, that hat he was talking about was wrecked by those brats. I asked him if they could just possibly accidentally wrecked his work or did they really do it in a purpose. And he said yes, they did it in a purpose because he was holding the hat and they grabbed it from him and wrecked it. My son is a quiet and a very friendly boy, he prefers to be by himself rather than being with those bully kids.

This makes me mad really! Just so upsetting! But then there's nothing i can do until Monday comes. I have to let the bus driver know about it and also the school principal so they can put action to it. Take note! Those bullies are 5th graders! They are way bigger than my 1st grader! I just don't want my son being bullied by anybody. No kids deserves to be bullied anyway. And there's no parents like to see their child getting bullied by other kids, especially when the bullies are bigger. This is the first, and i am hoping it will be the last.

Family Getaway Plan

Going to another country is one of my dreams to fulfill. Especially when hubby talks about it. He lived in Europe for several years and he said how wonderful it was to be there. The place is beautiful and the surroundings is unbeatable. And now, he wants to roam the Canada. Which, it is an exciting plan for me because i myself never have been to that country. I love traveling! And so as my husband, that's probably why we are meant to be together as husband and wife because we both love to travel.

Anyway, he was planning to go and stay there for at least two weeks or so. He has heard a lot of good feedback mainly in Airdrie. And because we will stay there for awhile, it would be a good idea if we'll have to look for a good deal Airdrie apartments for rent that we can find. I am sure that we can easily get one without a problem. There's no exact date when are we going there yet, but then, just thinking about it makes me so excited already. I can't wait to see the place with my own naked eyes. I know for sure that my family and i are going to have lots of fun during our stay there.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Addiction Treatment Centers

I would say that America has a lot of advantage programs that you can find here. Just like those addiction treatment centers, they offer a great help to those people especially to the teenagers who gets involved with bad habits such as drugs and alcohol. That's a good thing that there's something like this that has full support of making the kids's life better and getting back on the right track. Though, i am hoping that most kids should know better and learn from what they see to those who got involved and wants to get rid of it from their system.

Tabletop Displays

What is the most fun part here in our town is during September. They have this celebration they called "Peach Days" and that is the perfect time that you can see lots and lots of tabletop displays that some seller show. Some of them are fun to look at it and some of them are mainly for the company to show to the possible clients what are they offering. It's really neat to see all those displays that you see. Also, there's some other things that you can find there aside from those displays.

Ready For Photography Business

I am so happy that my page in the networking website has now growing community. I love to see people liking my page, it makes my heart melt and gives me the sweetest smile ever. Lately, i have been so hooked up with portraiture photography and i am planning to take it seriously. In fact, i just placed my order yesterday at of my studio photography lighting kit. I am very excited and anxious to receive it. I am expecting to have it by tomorrow.

I can just tell that i am ready to start my own business, though some people might say i am not fully experienced yet, but i already have enough knowledge to take pictures to start a small business. Though i must admit, photography is like going to a class, you learn something new everyday, through experience. I love photography, whatever kind of photography it is, my most favorites are macro and portraiture. So, that's why i am always practicing almost everyday with my little one. He's the immediate model i can grab, and he's free, lol! Anyway, here's some of his photographs taken just the other day in our backyard.
My little oneDSC_7945DSC_7950

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Scrub Clothing

It was close but not too bad yesterday when i got late from my doctor's appointment. I am glad i got there just about 5 minutes late, it was bad enough but the receptionist said, it's alright since they have no patients next to my scheduled time. Anyway, i loved all the nurses's uniforms lately. They have now a new cute design of their scrubs that even little kids will notice it. So when i got home, i searched the scrubs they wore just for fun and found all of it at

I just love how they always come up with cute and stylish designs to their scrub clothing. It looks so nice and it sure can caught someone's attention. It isn't bright colored ones though, it's the design that will make you look twice to the scrubs. That is one good idea though, unlike before nurses wears white uniforms which for some reason, it makes the kids scared to go to the hospital or clinics. At least now, the kids are more comfortable seeing nurse or doctors wearing fun designed scrubs.

Sexy Christmas Lingerie

Christmas is again fast approaching. And hubby hates it so much! LOL! He said that he is going to be broke again this year with all the wishes from his dear family. Anyway, i already told hubby what would i like to get this Christmas, and of course i wouldn't tell him what i am going to give him, it should be a surprise and i do know what he needs. A nice jacket. Shhhh. Don't tell this to him that i told you guys, lol!

As we were talking about it earlier, i mentioned it to him that i also want a sexy christmas lingerie. The last time he gave me one was before we got married. He went to my place and handed me my cute and sexy lingerie with one a pair of underwear. So, i said, maybe it is time for him to buy me a new one and i already saw one that i would really really love to have. It's a black one that is not so daring and yet, it is so comfortable for sleeping. It isn't that much too that's why i could just squeeze that in to my wishlist which is soon will be granted by my dearest santa hubby haha!

Plus Size Dress

Plus size dress nowadays are just as stylish as those dress that are for small framed ones. In fact, i find more stylish clothes in bigger size rather than in petite size. I was shopping earlier and found some nice and pretty styles of it. I was wishing that they also have the same style i want from the big sizes for the petite size because i am small framed woman. But unfortunately, they ran out. Too bad though, i wish i went there a little early so i could at least get two kinds.

Anyway, since i have a friend that's heavy kind of woman, she surely would love those dress i was talking about. She also loves collecting dresses like me. I guess that's why we are good friends because we have something in common. She always asks me where i usually get my clothes, and of course because she is my friend, i also tell her and sometimes take her with me whenever i go shopping if she is off from her work and free for that day.

Celtic Wedding Jewelry

I am so glad that i finally got to order the studio lighting photography kit for myself. I am honestly excited and anxious to receive the items so i can start to practice more on how to control the light. The said items should get here on Thursday, and i will be waiting by the door to get it. Anyway, also i went to the thrift store, i bought some good good deal props that i can use on my photography business soon.

Speaking of photography business, soon when i am experienced enough, i surely will have to enter the wedding photo shoots field. I really love taking pictures of newly weds, either funky, silly or serious type of photography. Also, i love taking pictures of the bling blings of the bride. The clothes, the shoes, the bouquet, and especially the celtic wedding jewelry. I am just hoping that i can get an opportunity to do that very soon. I am also excited to do that, because taking pictures is my passion.

B&W Portrait By Yours Truly

I hardly go out now unlike before. I get to go out only when there's occasion or celebration at someone's house. And lately we had the gathering during the very thrilling and nerve racking night of the very famous Filipino boxer namely, Manny Pacquiao. Also, that is the time we got to be together again with my selected friends and eat the prepared delicious food we all prepared.

But, anyway, i was able to wear the clothes i recently bought from the store that i really really love. And i was so happy when i went there because they have summer items for sale. Obviously, they want to get rid of their summer clothes because winter is already here. So here's the clothes i was talking about. And oh! I need to say this, that i rarely convert my photos into B&W because i don't really appreciate the beauty of it, but then this one turned out to be so beautiful (the photo of course, not me. But it could be me, if you will insist, lol!). So here it is :D

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

San Antonio Orthodontist

My first grader showed me his growing tooth that replaced the one he lost a month ago. He thought that it is going to fall off once again. So i explained it to him that once he lose one tooth, surely there is going to be a replacement since that was his first tooth that fell out. And i also told him that he should quit sucking his thumb so his teeth won't be deformed. I am seeing some signs already that his teeth are going to be crooked if ever he still continues doing his bad habit.

I have seen a lot of kids doing that though, so i guess it wasn't just me who's dealing this with my boy. I keep reminding him but keeps on forgetting it. I already tried many tactics on how to get rid of his habit but to no avail, i always fail. So, because of that, i am thinking that there is a big possibility that he will be wearing braces soon when he's grown. And that made me searched from google about braces. And i saw this San Antonio Orthodontist that does the fantastic job regarding about braces. I wish they are nearby. Seeing these models of theirs to this site made me think that they did a pretty good job on correcting these teenagers's teeth. Oh well, i am sure my son is going to wear one soon, and i have to find a nearest orthodontist i could find in town.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Edmonton Apartments

If i were to choose where to get away this coming Thanksgiving holiday, i would choose the Canada country. Why? Because hubby asked me if we ever get the chance to get away within three weeks from now, he'll let me choose whether Canada or Arizona again. So i prefer Canada since we both have never been to that country. Not to mention i have lots of friends over there to meet. One of my friends is residing at Edmonton Apartments and told me that if ever we will go there, she would be so glad to have us their in their place.

She said that the place is quiet and peaceful just like our place here. Also, the scenery is just amazing and breathtaking. Oh, how she described the place made me even more excited to visit the place. I so can't wait to be there and see it in my own eyes and capture every corner of it. I love to see breathtaking nature scenery, it makes me feel that i am special that i get to see the amazing place created by someone who is very special above. And of course taking a picture of it is the only way i can tell everybody that i have been to that certain place.