Sunday, February 20, 2011

Big Boy Helping Daddy

Here's daddy's little helper! As he was begging me to go up in the mountain to play with his snowboard, i told him why not help daddy to shovel the snow outside instead, that can be a fun thing to do as well. So he said yes and he ran to the garage and got the small shovel that daddy got for him. My oldest son really loves to go outside a lot just like his daddy. He likes to be more outside rather than being stuck here inside the house. The little one is just like me too, he prefers to be warm and comfy inside the house rather than staying outside too long and get freeze.
Daddy's little helper
I am glad that he did not bug me anymore about going up to the mountain to play with his snowboard, i am sure that i won't be able to stay there too long for i know it is freezing up there right now. We'll probably go there sometime but not today, and if he begs again, i will just have to take him outside and play his snowboard in the backyard instead, that will be still fun!

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Diet Pills That Works For You

Of all the diet pills that are being sold in the market, you are probably having hard tome choosing the best and right one that will actually works for you. One of the most effective one as far as i have known is this Try to read everything about the pills to their website and i am sure that you will learn alot about it and you will be interested to try it yourself. It works so differently and later on you will realize that the pills is actually working great like you wanted it to be. I knew someone who is using this and she was so happy with the outcome, she lost so much weight and she is absolutely looking gorgeous now.

Industrial Bearings

I am actually starving right now, i don't exactly know what to eat and what do i want to eat. I have been telling my husband to buy a sandwich in the store but he was so hooked up with he is watching right now. Men are really fascinated with the kind of shows that it's all about fixing something like pipes or some other man's works in the house. Hubby is very perfectionist when it comes to things that he uses. He said that he will get my sandwich as soon as the industrial bearings show will be over. But that show started since three in the afternoon and until now it is still showing, i guess the show is continuous, and i might end up not getting my sandwich anymore or unless i will just go out myself and buy it, argh!

I Look Like Junior Highschool Student

There is one thing i noticed here in America, that most people are so desperate to get rid some of their unwanted fats to the certain parts of their body. Especially most women are having hard time to bring back their pre-birth figure. They can't seem to lose weight that easy, that is why they have to buy weight loss pills for them to help with their figure problem. I must say that i am lucky enough not to deal with size problem, in fact i often get from people that i am just a junior high school students even though i am already a mother of two boys, haha.

How To Treat Acne

There are a lot of ways on how to treat acne really. Some are just basic ingredients to mix and some are pills to take, some are cream to put on the face. Whatever that may work for you, it's always better if you should consider reading the labels, especially the cream or the pills to take because they might have a bad effects to you. There's always good and bad things that will give you when taking something. And i am glad that i don't have to deal a problem like acne, because i always worry intaking something or maybe putting something onto my face that might harm my sensitive skin and will cause a really bad rashes instead.

Jack3d Side Effects

Some men are taking supplements for them to see the quick results of their work out. I have read that there are certain supplements that has actually side effects such like this jack3d side effects. Before taking the pills, you should be aware and read all the labels and necessary details that you must know to prevent from those side effects that may cause harm to your health. Wanting to be looking fit is alright as long as you are doing the right thing and taking the best one that will help you and not to harm you.

Grapefruit Will Help Me

I hate getting sick! But what can i do now? I am already sick and i need to get better as soon as i can because there is no one else that can take my place and do all the house chores and takes care of the energetic kids here in the house. I feel like i want to escape from them and have my own time myself so i will get well as fast as i wanted to be. For now, all i need to do is just find something that will make me feel better. I might drink that teraflu that my friend gave me and of course eating some grapefruit would help a lot!
I usually eat grapefruit whenever i get sick, it really is very effective, it will cure my scratchy and dry throat, and it will give me the vitamins C that i need. I feel so weak right now, i want to lay down all day long and doesn't want to be bothered. But guess what? I am here in front of my computer right now doing my tasks, might as well that i cannot get the rest that i wanted for i am being bothered by the kids every second. Argh! This is not good at all, i need to get better right away!

Friday, February 18, 2011

I Promise, I Will

I always admire those people that has natural beauty, no make up yet they are still looking so stunning. They must have the gift of being beautiful for they look so good even without paint on their face. I used to dream to have a beautiful skin, but then i was so lazy to do something about it. I am just a lazy kind of person to apply some regimen on my skin to make it so beautiful like the others. I guess i am not that motivated though because i can hardly find time for myself for most of my time goes to my family taking care of them. But, it isn't too late yet though, soon as the kids grow and both of them goes to school, i will start to take care of myself then. I promised myself to keep myself young and healthy looking by taking care of my skin to make it more finer and silky looking.

I Got It Naturally

I used to admire those celebrities back in my country for they have flawless and a very white skin. In fact, i used to envy them, and i know why they have the almost perfect skin for they are being taken cared by most famous dermatologist and cosmetologist in the country. But then when i got here in America, i was so surprised that how people are so desperate to have a dark skin like mine. They spend thousands of bucks to get the skin like what i have, dark and silky. Some people are using tanning lotions for their skin to get it darker. I often get compliments how beautiful is my skin. Then, i realized that i am lucky for having a dark skin, i don't have to pay thousand bucks just to have it like most people do here, for i already got it naturally.

Good And Kind Neighbor

Having two kids in the house is really a must to have a thermometer. It is my way of being prepared to monitor their temperature whenever they get sick. My eldest doesn't get sick that often, but if he does, he gets a really high fever that makes me panic. And there was a time that i had to call our neighbor across the street so she can attend the little one while i take my eldest to the hospital so he will be checked. She is a retired nurse so she gave me the cautery. She has it for a long time already and it's what she used to her children when they were just little. I am happy that she gave it to me because it is like a thing that has a lot of memory to her. I felt so special because one of the most thing that has sentiments to her is now mine. She is really a good neighbor and i can always depend on her all the time whenever i need help.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Busy Bee Girl

We did it again! We had a sumptuous lunch again earlier with my friends and it was such a fun lunch because we talked about what we are going to do soon as spring time comes. I told them that we should hang out in the park and will do some photo shooting sometime. And the other one said that she will be busy soon as the weather gets better because she will be taking up an online nursing degree. We are so happy for her, she is going to be a busy girl that's for sure, and wishing all the best for her to finish it and fulfill all her dreams so it'll come true.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Missing My Native Place

My younger brother went home not too long ago. He is a sailor and had his time off now. He took our mother and our youngest brother to our native place where we all born and grew up. I miss that place so bad! I was gonna go back there last year during our vacation but my mother suggested i better not because i have the little one to take care of during the trip and it won't be a good idea because he is a wiggly boy. Well, i was thinking that i managed to take care of my two boys during our long flight, how much more the short trip from Bohol to Mindanao. For me, that's not really a long trip, but since my mother said no, i just obeyed. And now i learned that they are there right now and it made me so jealous and want to go home too. I wish i was there right now!

I miss the place, the fresh fish that we get there for cheap and the people that i know, our neighbors and families. When i phoned my mother she mentioned that they went to the island where we used to go, a beautiful clean white sandy island that no one lives there, it's owned by the government but people are allowed to have some picnics there and enjoy the beauty of the nature. I really wanna go back there, so next time when i go home, i would never miss going there anymore, i will definitely plan ahead to go there with my kids no matter what. My homesickness got worse when i saw this picture taken by a buddy in flikr. It reminded me of the island beach i was talking about!