Monday, February 9, 2009

One Jolly Little Girl

This is my niece, my sister's youngest daughter. We call her bajek, or jekjek. I called my sister the other day and she was really worried about her daughter because she is very ill right now. She was confined at the hospital because the doctor told my sister that her daughter had all the symptoms of having a DENGUE. Her eldest daughter had this scary illness too before when she was younger. She reached into what the doctor called, stage 5 which is very dangerous stage for a sick little girl. Right now my sister is worried, i haven't heard from her since we last talked. I sent some message to my mother asking her about my niece's condition and she said my sister hasn't answered all her messages either.

She is one cute little girl. She is about the same age as my son but she is a little younger. She is one jolly and very entertaining kid that everyone would love soon as you see her. She's got the smile that no one can't resist. She loves to dance and sing a lot that makes people around her would adore her. I hope she will get well so soon. I am worried about her too, i am praying that everything will be alright....