Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What Friendship Means To Me

What friendship really means to you? There are tons and tons of meanings of friendship. Some say that friendship is like a wall that you can lean on whenever you are weak or down. Some say friendship is like a see-saw, when your friend is down, you push your friend up. Some say friendship is always there no matter what you do. That, i don't agree. Because for me, a friend must be on your side when you are doing right, but if not, you will be the one to let your friend realize that your friend is not doing right. I don't defend a friend even though i know that my friend is doing crazy things such as making mistakes, saying something bad towards others even though the person is not doing anything bad towards your friend, and most of all living in a fantasy world that none of us can never have that kind of world, perfect and there's always happiness. Heck no! There's no such world as like that! Real world is what we are living right now! As for my opinion and my own belief, friendship should be real, trusty, honest, and has loyalty. Because if you don't have one of those, then friendship is worthless. You can never say that friendship is being bonded so strong if there is lacking to your relationship towards your friend.

I myself is one friendly person. I am way better now compared before. A loner person and had a bitter heart. Why? Because i undergone so many things that made the bitterness grew in my heart. But that bitterness melted away, love and happiness replaced it when i got married and gave birth to my very first child. I learned how to love, how to be happy and became friendly to everyone i meet, whether online or offline people. I have so many friends offline and online now but only few that i called real ones. I have communications and got interacted already for a long time to those real ones that i considered. That way, i get to know the person real closely. I am trying to be as friendly as i can be but my instinct says that i should not be too trusty to everyone because some of them aren't real to me.

I love making new friends, i really do. But if i feel that i am not so comfortable to that certain person, i wouldn't insist myself and will just try to be civil. I am a very straight forward person and an open minded one. If i don't feel like it, i won't do it. As what most people say, that no one cannot please everyone. If i pleased you, i would be so happy to know that, but if not, then i am not sorry at all. I make friends to those people that has same interests like i do, same character and same points of view in life. Some of my real good friends confessed their first impressions to me that i am a snobbish type of person, a sarcastic and a mean one. But as they got to know me better, they said that i am worth to get to know of. It's so flattering when you hear that from a person telling you, and that's what i feel whenever there's a friend tells me that.

I value real friendship, i respect my friends and i treat them like my family. I give them advice and will accept their advice to me as well. Like i said, i am an open minded person, so whatever you like to say to me, just say it in front of me, i don't care if what you are going to tell me will hurt me but will make me learn in the end. I don't like those people that keeps on praising me, or giving me sweet words for i know i am not a perfect individual and i have shortcomings. So that's why i don't expect a perfect comments about me from people. Also, i may not be as religious like the others but i can be a real true friend that you can lean on, but if you don't like me, i cannot do anything about it and i don't really care. So if you want to make friends with me, the pleasure is all mine, make sure that your friendship that you offer me is real and genuine. If so, i guarantee you that your friendship won't be wasted, i will accept it wholeheartedly.


texas_sweetie said...

bitaw bitaw, pero if a friend refuses to accept the truth, nagtatangahan, nagpakatanga.. wa natay mahims ana. instead of taking the criticisms for their own good para ma improve sila, they take it against us labaw pa jud wa natay mahims ana...

Sweetiepie said...

bato bato sa langit ang matamaan wag magalit! very true jud ning posting nmo darl, indeed! and 101% agree with anne pod kay some people just don't take advice well for their own good na dha rata ma learn sa atong mistakes, they take it as criticism instead like we are the worst enemies in the face of the earth!