Monday, March 31, 2008

Private Jet Charter

If i would be given a chance to roam around the country i would love to fly with the Private Jet Charter. That would be so cool and i know that hubby would love that exciting adventure. In fact i am wondering how much would a Private Jet Charter would cost to own? I bet it would be very expensive but there's a lot of jet services that we can get that it will be more cheaper than the others.

Anyway, i am talking about this one because i know that most of Americans are more into adventure and i know that they would love to have this kind of adventure too just like us with my husband. And this Private Jet Charter is a perfect choice to have enable to do all the roaming around the country. And to those people that are really fond of this kind of exploring, you might want to check out the website that i am referring to and you will find it very informative and very helpful for you. Or if you know someone that wants to do something like this kind of adventure, you try to introduce them this Executive Jet Carter Co.

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Recent Activities

I got so busy for the last couple of days ago due to some preparations. First, preparing for my going back home soon and that got me so busy because i have to talk to our travel agent friend for the best time to fly. And the second one is the birthday and christening of my best friend's son. She threw a little get together party last Friday and Saturday was the christening. So that's why i just barely got back from computer tonight because earlier i had my bonding time with my family here since hubby is going back to work again tomorrow. Anyway, for you all to see the christening that was held last Saturday, here's some photos i got. The lady holding the baby is the one's my best friend.


Nowadays business are getting more booming in the world. That's why hubby is getting so anxious to be in the telemarketing list because he knows that most of the business today does click and doing good. Even me when he explained all the things to me about this matter, he got me excited as well. Telemarketing is always the way of a good opportunity to enhance your knowledge and at the same time the way of making good money in business.

Friday, March 28, 2008

My Passion Color

Your Passion is Gray

Your sexual attitude is best described as apathetic.

Often joking that you're asexual, you can go months without getting any.

For you, great sex does not make or break a relationship.

If it happens, it's just the icing on the cake.

I agree to what the above says about me. It only means that relationship is not all about physical intercourse, also needs to encourage each other enable for the relationship to grow more stronger and firmer. I may not be as experienced as others but as far as i have experienced i am pretty much educated on how to handle a good relationship and i would say that physical intercourse is one factor that can make the relationship stronger but needs also cheering up one another when one of you is down.

Church Fundraising

Are you fond and active in church a lot? Well if you are, then you might wanna check this church fundraising and see for yourself how can you help your church by clicking the website that i provided with you. I am not that active in any activities in the church myself but i am very willing to help by doing this what the website can offer. This is a best thing i can do to my church out here and i am sure they will be happy to know about this church fundraising.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

As Boredom Struck Me

Sometimes boredom can really be good. Just take a look what happened to my website now, i changed my layout because boredom struck me. I was sitting here in front of my computer and doing nothing, so i decided to change my layout since it has been for a while that i haven't change this layout and also i want this website to look a lot lighter now. My old layout is really nice i have no questions to that especially that my header was made by a special friend that is really good in making layouts.

Anyway, so right now i am very happy with the outcome to this website, simple and very elegant. Not so fancy yet very appealing to me. Since that we are now in spring season, that's why i made my header something like that. Hope everyone who visits my blog will like the new look and i would be very happy if you leave some thoughts of what can you say about this new image of my website. Thank you once again fellow bloggers and have a goodnight!

Unique Plastic Bags

I have been buying most of my groceries to the Filipino store which is 27 miles away from where i live. I noticed that the owner of that store uses the same plastic bag that the other stores used, like the other international grocery store. So i told her that she can make her store more recognizable by having her own unique and very creative plastic bag she will use. I found a company that can help her gain more customers in her store.

All she have to do is order her plastic bags in Plastic Bag Manufacturer. In fact they are having a current Trade Show Bags for her to see lots of different kinds of plastics she can choose from and lots of styles and prints on it. She is very interested of course who doesn't want to have their store being recognized by people right? Actually she wants me to help her and she asked favor to me that i will be the one to purchase her plastic bags that she is going to use as her store plastic bags.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

My Little Engineer

I was gonna post this entry last week but i was caught up with something else and got so busy especially we had the easter holiday. Anyway, this entry is all about my son building up his lego blocks and he always shows me something that he come up to and asks me what do i call his creations. It is kind of embarrassing though because i can never really tell what's really on his mind creating those lego blocks. Anyway here are samples of his creations. Just see them for yourself and look how smart is my boy to put up all the same color at the same place and how creative is his mind for telling me what kind of creations he made. The two first photos he called it "AIRPLANE" and the second last photos he called it "CASTLE". Isn't he so cute?

Automobile Loan Refinancing

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Barely Got Up

Good morning everyone! How are you all today? Hope everything is fine with you. There's not much going on here lately i just barely got up and made some toast bread for my son and made him chocolate milk too. I haven't eat my breakfast yet but i will in a little bit later. Today is kinda gloomy again and dark outside and hopefully the sun will shine later, i don't like seeing outside dark and looks so cold. Anyway, i just want to greet you all a beautiful morning!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I don't usually watch most of the rematch because i don't really know some of them. But this Oscar De La Hoya vs Floyd Mayweather Jr. tickets got me so excited because i been hearing these two since. When i ask hubby if he knows all these two he said they are quite popular. So i told him that there will be another rematch to these two people and he said that it will be exciting this time. He's been watching the fight of these two since and he likes it very much.

Anyway, you can find this fight by clicking the website that i provided above on how to get your tickets and you can pay for it in any way. If you are fan of these two you wouldn't surely want to miss this big event once again. I know most of people loves sports and this is one of the most exciting event that is worth to wait for. I been waiting for this and now it going to happen so soon. We are looking forward for the date of this fight and getting so anxious to know who's gonna win the fight this time. I have in my mind already who will win but i better watch the fight myself just to make sure.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic Intelligence

You are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well.

An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly.

You are also good at remembering information and convincing someone of your point of view.

A master of creative phrasing and unique words, you enjoy expanding your vocabulary.

You would make a fantastic poet, journalist, writer, teacher, lawyer, politician, or translator.

I got this very interesting survey and i was flattered of what it says here. I don't think i can be a lawyer and politician because for some reason i just don't want to get involve in politics and laws as much as possible. Maybe i can be a writer or a teacher or probably can be a translator but no poet either. How about you? Do you want to take a survey? Grab it now! And check what will be yours say.

Life Insurance Settlements

Life Insurance Settlements is for the seniors that wants to get their money of the insurance they don't need no more. Like for example my father in law have some life insurance that he doesn't need anymore because he doesn't have somebody with him, his wife died long time ago and his children are all grown up and have their own family. So what's he gonna do with this life insurance? So if he wants to sell the insurance he have, he can do that by the help of this Fast Life Settlement Company. My father in law can sell his insurance and get his money back of what he had paid for his unuse insurance.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Personality Easter Egg

What Your Easter Egg Says About You

You are responsible, loyal, and a true leader.

You are able to pick up the slack when needed...

And you never feel resentful for helping others.

You are a true friend. You enjoy knowing that people can count on you.

I stole this from Jenny's blog because i can't find anything to say no more so i thought of grabbing this one even though she didn't yes yet to me lol! Anyway, i just want to thank Jenny although that i just stole this from her. And i am very glad i took the survey because i am very flattered of what it says above. I guess this survey is not a liar at all! Do you want to know what kind of personality you have? Try this one! i don't mind if you steal this survey from me lol!

Bad Credit Offers

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Best Web Hosting

The web hosting is really important to bloggers like me. Because most of the web hosting are expensive to buy. This that i just found is very affordable and the service is really excellent for me. I love to have a web hosting like this because it is user friendly, very manageable and it's not so complicated to understand on how to use it. So if you are a blogger like me and looking for a best web hosting that you can get, i would prefer and i am referring this web hosting that i knew you would love to have. Very affordable and it's very easy to use. I talked to some of my friends and they are convinced that this web hosting that found is indeed very helpful for bloggers especially to those who are just barely starting building up their own websites. There are plenty of web hosting that you can find in the internet but you only find very few that will suit to most of the bloggers taste.

Family Easter Day

I love days like today because we are able to spend our time as family. This morning we went to the park and my son had so much fun picking up all the eggs that he can get. He got lots of treats today and he still eating some of them until now. He did played some of the kids across the street too and cried when we left, he wants to play some more but the kids left already to have some dinner. I felt bad that my son was sad when the kids left but later on he settled down. Hope we can have some time like this more often.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Termite Prevention

Spring is here now and i know that this season, the termites will start to come out and bother us once again. Since i am preparing for our son's room for his coming little sister, we need to make sure that we have done the termite prevention to protect our kids from any termites that will bother them. I just can't put up with those termites and we need to get rid of them. We will make sure that every corner in this house is termite free for kid's sakes. The house need thorough cleaning from termites dust and bacterias.

Easter Saturday

Tomorrow morning we have to get up early because we have a lot of things to do and aside of that my son has to get to the park before ten in the morning to join the easter egg hunting. Yeah they are going to do the easter egg hunting on Saturday instead of Sunday. The people in charge said that they have meeting to attend on Sunday so that's why will do the easter egg hunting for kids tomorrow morning. There's no big deal though, in fact that's a good idea so people can relax and rest on Sunday. Anyway, i just want to greet you all a happy easter ahead of time.

Cash Back Shopping

Do you like shopping a lot? I do! most of people do right? Anyway, i just want to share you this very good news that i have heard from a website that you can get a cash back shopping and also it has surveys, contest ans many more that you might find very interesting. I love this kind of stuff because i am not just shopping also i have the chance to have the money back while buying my favorite things to have. And i want to share this forum with you guys also that i am sure you will find it very informative and very helpful for you to know more about this cash back shopping. So tell me now, who doesn't love to shop a lot? Not me! I do love shopping!

Thursday, March 20, 2008

He did It Again!

Yesterday i went for a long walk with my son since it was a pretty good day. We went to mail the scarves that contest winner have won. And we also stopped by at the store to get some fruits to munch. My son sure had a big day yesterday, and i let him play outside with his daddy because when we got back, hubby was home already. So they played in the backyard and hubby said that he has to bring in our son because he's got something to do and he is going somewhere.

So i told our son that he will just watch television while daddy is not home yet. He said yes and a little bit after, i noticed that the living room went so quiet. And when i checked this is what i found.

He did it again. Every time he gets worn out from playing he falls asleep like this. And what's funny on this photos is he's hanging in the couch lol! Take a look at this poor boy! Take note! He always have his red blanket with him, that's his security blanket though lol!

Fantasy Baseball

Hubby has a friend that he's the one handling the baseball team as a coach. He once invited us to watch the game of his team. And he said that it's really hard to be a coach sometimes especially when one of his team is not doing the right thing. He mentioned a lot of things that how hard to be a coach and there's a lot of practices and all that and he needs all the team to focus the game all the time and he cannot afford to have mistakes because one mistakes can leas into losing the game.

So anyway, i showed this fantasy baseball to him that i found and he is very impressed of how organized to be his team if he have something like this. He is really amazed and wants his team to have such a good organization just like what he saw in this website. And he is very thankful enough to me that i showed this to him because he got a very good idea and strategy on how to manage his team very well now. He learned so much and he wants to have this website for his team. I am glad i was able to help him a bit and he told me that i helped him a lot.

I forgot!

I forgot that it is Good Friday today in Philippines. I was waiting for my show to come out but there was nothing. And then later on i read the other bloggers that it is Good Friday today in there, then i said to myself oh no! Silly Me! I totally forgot it! Anyway, i will just wait on Monday for my favorite soap opera then, i thought i can watch today but since nothing good is on right now, i will just probably watch something else. Oh, by the way, on Saturday there is a easter egg hunting for kids will be held at the park just here in town. This will be the second time easter egg hunting for my son.

Oyster Lover

Do you love oyster? Can't resist if you go to a seafood restaurant and have so much oyster as much as you can? Well, i am not warning you to eat the oyster though because i myself is a seafood lover especially this oyster. But i found out that this oyster has some special substance to it that we didn't know that could harm our health. i read so many articles about Gulf oysters and in fact they are quite very informative and helpful to people who loves to eat seafood a lot. You also will learn a lot of different kinds of recipes on how to prepare the oyster to make it very delicious dinner!

Lazy Blogger

Lately i consider myself as a lazy blogger because i haven't done my responsibilities as a blogger. Like for example blog hopping to other bloggers who's on lists and leave some sweet thoughts on their websites. Maybe because i am feeling exhausted everyday as my tummy grows. I am now experiencing short breath every time i get full after eating or even just drinking lots of water. Sure my tummy is getting so big now and i couldn't even lie on my back, i have to lie sidewards so i can breath. I have the same feeling like this when i had my son, it's just tiring and exhausting but it's worth you know. I am so excited for the coming of my little girl and so as hubby and the rest of my family.

Human Growth Hormone

Everyone wants to feel young and healthy right? So am i! That's why i need more supplement that has HGH that can keep me look young and beautiful, so i will gain more self esteem and confidence to myself. I love being young and getting old just worries me a lot. Anyway, so as hubby, he is pretty active because he's been taking this Sytropin supplement that can keep him going everyday. He's got the hard job to do in his work everyday and that's why he needs extra supplement on his body system enable for him save some energy when he gets home from his tiring job.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Beautiful Morning

Good morning everyone! Here comes Wednesday again! I love it when it's middle of the week because the end of the weekdays comes so fast afterwards. Anyway, today is clear day and i wanna go out and sniff some fresh air. I am planning to stroll my son to go to post office and mail something and also to stop by at the grocery store to buy some treats before we come back. I was gonna do that yesterday but since the weather was kinda gloomy and dark so i decided not to.

Anyway, i just stopped by here thought of giving all my readers a warm greetings on this beautiful Wednesday morning and hoping that you all have a beautiful morning like i do. May you get all the things done for today without any problems headaches or any complication. Have a great day everyone!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Rap Forum

You guys love to hear rap music? Well if you do, then check this rap forum and you will find it very interesting because a lot of rap lovers are in there and talking things about rap music. Don't you just love to join a forum that is talking about the same interests you have? So you better not miss the forum then so you will be updated of the latest forum they have in there.

I Made It Myself

I posted the video to my favorite group in BISDAK PLANET and good thing that one of the member in there helped me to publish the video. It's just hard for me to publish the video since i am not very familiar of wordpress hosting site. And finally now that the video is posted already so a lot of my friends out there can watch the video that i made myself. That video is all about my son and how precious to be just a child, no hatred, no anger, no worries, no hesitations, no disappointments that you see in the child's eyes and most of all the heart is full of love and trust. So if you want to watch the video you can also visit my other domain at this link below.

Entertainment Centers

WE have talked about things with hubby and we have planned to change our basement a little bit. We have empty room out there and we only put things in there that we rarely use. And now that our family is getting so big i guess when time pass we have to plan ahead and make the room usable. We are going to sleep downstairs instead of here upstairs. And since we have empty room down there, we are planning to make that as a Entertainment Centers. That will be good if we watch movies out there because it's kind of a quiet and quite big place for the theater room.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Around The World

A lot of fellow bloggers tagged me on this but i haven't done any tags lately since it's a little bit complicated to do. And now i got the chance to do this and i wanna tahnk you all to those who tagged me with this meme. I still have a lot of awards to post too but never got the chance to do it still. Will post those awards also in the right time. To those who wants to link their blogs to this meme feel free to grab this one.

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Links around the world tag

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California Golf Courses

Do you have the passion of being in a golf club a lot? Well why don't you check this california golf courses out and you will find yourself impressed of the club in here. Also you will be impressed by the Golf club in California for it is quite different from the others. Take a look for you to find out and see it for yourself. When i was just a child i dreamed to be in a Golf club like this but i guess that this is the time that i would like to be in this kind of place, why not? It would be fun to try for the first time.


Good morning everyone! Hope all of you have a good sleep last night. Bouncing back the question, i didn't get enough sleep though because i did something that hooked me up here in my computer's desk. I was finishing my videos last night that i made and it was worth it because i could never get tired watching them although there are some errors to it but not that noticeable unless your are are pretty sharp to catch the errors lol!

I am very thankful to my pretty friend for being so patient all the time teaching me tricks in movie maker. She is a very good teacher, she is the one always help me out every time i have questions. Thank you so much Pretty Ivy, i love you! I truly treasure our friendship. Anyway, here's the links of my videos, i posted them to my two domains and please click the title of my domains below.



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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Family Day Saturday

I am glad we were able to have a family day yesterday. Our first stop was at the fabric store, i bought some fabrics and also the thread that i am going to make the two scarf so i can send them sometime this week. We also went malling and we had fun. Daddy and our son went to playhouse to let the boy play with the kids out there and Mommy went for a little shopping while at the mall. After that, we ate dinner at Golden Corral restaurant and we stopped by to some store to buy some things for Daddy too. And here's some pictures that i took while our boy had so much fun at the playhouse in the mall.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Paris Hotels

I have been dreaming to be in Paris one day and when hubby said that my dream will come true i was really happy that he said that. It only means that we are going to Paris soon and it will not take long no more before i see the beauty of Eiffel Tower Paris. I only see that beauty of Arc de Triomphe Paris in the photos of some of my friends living in there, but i want to see all that with my naked eyes and take some snaps with those lovely scenery in Paris. I am looking forward to see the whole big City of Paris and my friends said that it is indeed very beautiful out there and has stunning beauty in every corner of that place. Oh i cannot wait to get there no more, i love the place so much and i know my family and i are going to enjoy our grand vacation soon. One of my friend said that there's a lot of nice Paris hotels where we can stay with excellent service and has customer satisfaction guaranteed.

Tomorrow's Plan

We are going to a fabric store tomorrow because my hands are kinda itchy and feels like i wanna sew a blanket for my dear little girl. I know, i know i am getting so excited and very anxious to see her, but this is just a normal feeling for a happy mother like me. I told hubby that we are going tomorrow to my favorite fabric store to buy some nice fabrics that i saw in my coupons mail. I love to go and buy fabrics when i am inspired to make some quilts again. Right now i can't wait to sew one blanket for my dear little girl and i am sure that she is going to love the warm, cozy, comfy and cuddly blanket that i am going to make just for her. Of course it would be light pink with pretty tiny prints on it. I will show it here soon as i get it done, i can't wait!

Insurance Leads

Looking for the best financial mortgage support or insurance leads? Well here's the good news for everyone here, Insurance Leads is the most leading company that can help you deal with high interest rate you have in your insurance. Why take risk to some company that aren't that established and not that concern to your benefits? In this Zip Search, you can rely on to them and expect the high quality service you are going to get. No hassles, no headaches and no complications. So are you going to take risk to some other company? Go to Zip Search to get your Insurance Leads now!!!

Uh-oh It's Snowing Again!!!

Yes it is snowing again, I knew it! I already expected this because the weather report told us last night that we are going to experience a snow storm again today. But what's good thing about this is it won't last like winter no more. Spring is fast approaching and the snow we will get today will just easily disappear soon as the sun will rise tomorrow. I kinda feel cold again here because the weather looks so gloomy and dark like winter. But hubby said that this is good really because if we experience the snow storm later and the buds are starting to come out, it can kill the buds. Well, this is America i know, that's why i cannot do anything about but to adopt the weather we have here.

Military Uniforms

My brother in law is a major in military and his wife is one of my closest sister in law here. She always tells me how hard job her husband have. I would say because i grew up surrounded with military since my father has a lot of military friends. Anyway, she always complaining about her husband's uniform that she ended up sewing them because her hubby always gets home with things ripped in his military uniform.

So i told her that she can have the best and durable military uniform for her husband. I found the best website where she can buy his clothing and she can choose lots of different durable uniforms for her husband. This company has a lot of military uniforms - army uniforms that she can choose. She was glad when i told her about this because she can now buy the most toughest and durable military gear for her husband. Also she mention that her brother is police man, she can also refer this website to her brother since this website also sells police gears.

Please Read First!!!

Good morning everyone! Hope you have a good morning today and ready to face for today's challenge. Anyway, i am writing this entry to let know all the fellow bloggers that i do know i missed a lot of things here in blogging world. I haven't hopped yet to some of bloggers in my list and i have a lot of things to catch up. But when someone in your family member gets sick, would you prioritize to blog hop rather than taking care of that someone in your family who's sick especially your child or children? I don't know all of you but for me i cannot even dare to leave my son when he is sick, my full attention is on to him. I cannot think straight what to write when i blog.

So please don't be so harsh when you send messages here. Please also read my latest entries before you leave messages in my tagboard. Just don't find where's the tagboard at, find a little time to read my entries because i don't fail to write what i am up to everyday. I know most of us bloggers have kids, and you all know what i am talking about when child or children get sick, they are most precious and most important than blogging right? This is just one of our hobbies and i know that.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Scalamandre Fabric

Since sewing is one of my favorite hobby, i love to shop fabrics online, to choose the best color, textile, the softness and the prints of the fabrics that i want to sew. And of course i love discounts too, that's why i have lots of discounts coupons that i am keeping and every time i go shop at the fabric store i pay less than the actual price. Also i have this discount Scalamandre fabric that i can get online and they have the fabulous fabrics that i want to purchase. I love all the fabrics they have, very fashionable and very cozy. So if have no time to shop at the fabric store this is the convenient way of shopping fabrics since i am more into internet than going outside.


I have noticed that there is one blogger that keep on peeking here in my website. Don't get me wrong, all of you are welcome to visit and read my entries here. It is my pleasure to have lots of visitors here in my blog, but please don't peek here if you are seeking some ideas or copying my entries here. I caught one and it sure cracked me up. We all know that paid blogging doesn't want the entry to be copied by someone else's blog and neither copied from their own website.

They want us to deliver the entry with our own words using our own great minds to create the best entry. So if you happen to read this since i been seeing you here in my website please don't copy all what's written here because i used my heart and my mind writing all the articles i have here. I didn't copy all these to someone else's blog or even copying someone's idea to create my own entry. Understand???

Teaching The Children

AS a parent to your child or children do you know your rights, do you know how to protect your child either? Anyway, i raised this questions because i have read a Reverse The Ruling - Homeschoolers Unite website that is so interesting for us parents to read. It is very important for us to learn and know our knowledge and we should know how to protect our children in terms of laws and regulations here in United States in America. We are responsible of our own children and we should give the best they deserve, like their basic needs such as schools, clothing and most important is their rights. WE should educate our kids about this matter and not just to ignore it.

This is gonna be very helpful to us as well if we have something that we haven't learned yet, we are educating our children and at the same time learning it with our own self. Like me, i need to be more knowledgeable with this laws and regulations since i am not familiar to most of what's written in the law book or those documented books of Unites States in America. Aside from teaching your kids to have good manners and right conduct, this is one of the most important to teach them, the law matters.

Happy Enough

I was not expecting that this blog will get page rank. When one of my friend told me that her pr is back, i immediately checked mine too to see if one of my domains gained page rank, and i am right! But i am not really expecting that this page rank will last because google is not so certain with the page ranks they give to each bloggers and that's why i try not to expect more from them because i know this is not permanent. Also i kinda felt bad because my other website that has page rank four went down to page rank 2.

But that's alright, i am very much contented of what i get from this blogging thing, i am just happy enough thinking that i am making money online staying home and at the same time i can take care of my family. And paid blogging is one way of helping my family back home, i am happy that i can help them financially even though i am not employed outside the house.

Bad Credit Auto Loans

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Random Facts

Got this tag from Yenny long long time ago and i cannot remember now when that was lol! But despite of the delay posting i still remember some of the tags that my friends handed it to me. Thank you so much Yen for tagging me i am terribly sorry for the delay respond to this tag.

Here's some of random facts about my son:
1. He feels like he's grown up, you cannot talk to him like a baby. He always corrects his daddy and mommy that he's not a baby no more and he's a kid lol!
2. He's not picky at all, he can eat anything except exotic food.
3. He's quite advance for his age and he learns so fast. That's why we are very careful of what we say here inside the house because he'll copy it soon as he hears new words from us.
4. He's a behave boy, he doesn't like to play with very hyper active kids that sometimes can hurt their playmates.
5. He's very polite boy, he always greet good morning daddy and good morning mommy. And say goodnight when it's bed time. He also say please and thank you every time we are giving him something.
6. At the early age he can recite the alphabet and also can count from 1 to 10. And now he can read three letter words.
7. He loves to eat banana a lot and also apple.

So far these are just some of the random facts about my son, he's got a lot of characters and behaviors that sometimes amazed me. And i know he is learning everyday.

Share Your Recipes

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Revealing The Gender

Finally i already revealed to all the bloggers that i am expecting a baby GIRL!!! We are very happy knowing our prayers has been answered and i am very excited to have a baby girl soon. GOD is really so good to us he never failed us of what we expected and now my dream sure did come true. Also i wanna thank you all my friends who's been very supportive to me in times of my first trimester pregnancy, it's kinda hard for me because it's really way different from my first pregnancy and i knew why it's very different because i am going to have baby girl. To all my friends, i cannot just express how i feel through thanking you, i know this is not enough but your thoughts, concerns and love are truly appreciate by yours truly. Thank you so much!

Casino Online

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Monday, March 10, 2008

Sick And Weak

I am the one's sick now while my son is slowly recovering. Hubby figured that i have been working too much and been stressed for taking care of my son last couple of weeks when he was ill. We are so glad that he's now back to normal routine, playing hearing those giggles, contagious laughters and screams that can make our ears bleed. But that is alright, we'd rather have that than seeing him in pain and whining all the time that makes me stressful because i have to held him all the time and try to comfort him as much as i can and he doesn't want his daddy to hold him so i am the one's tired when he's sick because he wants mommy to be beside him in every second. And now this is the result, i got terribly bad headache, tummy pain, muscle pain, stuffy nose that is really hard for me to breath and my throat is killing me.

Anyway, i can manage myself well that's why i'd rather be the one's get sick than my poor son. But he is now better and we are very happy about that. And later i have an appointment with my gynecologist and hopefully we will find out what is the gender of my baby so i can run that contest that i am talking about a month ago. Good morning everyone may you will be blessed for the rest of the week!

Friday, March 7, 2008


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Doctor's Appointment

I just ended up my conversation with my husband over the phone and he wants to know if we still need to see the doctor today for our dear son. So i said yes we need to see the doctor for him to find out what is really going on with him. He'll be home in a little bit and he's gonna get home straight. We are suppose to attend a birthday party today but since our son is not feeling good we need to go to the doctor instead. Hope he will be totally well soon as possible. He is now recovering and taking a nap but that didn't really make me feel totally relief because he doesn't have medicine that he is taking right now so there is a big possibility that he will get sick again and i am hoping not anymore. In an hour we will leave the house for the doctor's appointment.

Identity Protection

Do you know that your name and your private details aren't that protected nowadays? That's why i feared for my son's identity for it might be stolen. There is a lot of hackers and identity theft nowadays and we need to protect our personal information especially our private numbers that we are keeping for life like for example our social security number or our bank accounts. And i am very glad that life lock is born to do all that protection. Our identity will be locked and will be protected with life lock company. And they guarantee that once you have an account with the company, your name will be protected or if not it's rest assured that the company will spend 1 Million Dollars to make things right for you. Who wants their identity to be stolen anyway? Not me and either one of my family member! So you better protect your identity from thieves, go to life lock now!

My Son Is Better

Good morning everyone! How are you all this Friday? About me here i am a little relieved because my son is kinda better now, he is playing in our front room but i am still going to take him to the doctor today. I am very thankful to GOD for making my son better, i don't see any indications that he is going to throw up, he's quite a happy boy now and i am very happy seeing him smiling and laughing again. That's all i wanna hear from him, laughters and giggles every time he watch his favorite shows. But he will see a doctor today no matter what. He needs medication.

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Memory Foam Mattress

Before i got here in our house, hubby already bought me a big king size bed and he said that he got the best comfortable bed for us to sleep in. And he's right he got the most soft and comfy bed in the world! I love our bed so much because it is a memory foam mattress. I am loving it because when i lie down, my body will absorb to it unlike the spring ones that gives me back pain and cramps. I get to sleep very easy than sleeping in the couch or in the carpeted floor. We also have different kind of bed downstairs but i don't really feel like sleeping there because the bed there is the spring one. I love our bed here upstairs, very soft, comfortable and it helps calm me down when i am stressed every time i lie on that bed. And to those who wants to lie down in a very comfortable bed, read this to know more about the bed that i am referring to. I am sure you're gonna love it like i do.

Sad And Worried

I am so emotionally depressed right now because my son is sick. I am very helpless and very tired for i haven't got enough sleep since yesterday. I feel so weak but i have to be strong because my son needs me so much. I couldn't even stay away from him within just a seconds when he's awake. And now that he's asleep i am praying and hoping that he will be better later. He saw me crying earlier while holding him and he wants me to stop crying. So i told him to get well so mommy won't cry no more, mommy is so worried and sad because her precious son is sick. In times like this, i wish i have somebody with me to share my emotion, like my mother. She can relate of how i feel right now. But i guess i have to be strong for my son, he needs me real bad.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Sight Problem

Hubby is getting so worried of me because i am having problem with my sight. Hubby told me that i need to see a doctor very badly because i cannot even see words that are written in the television within just a few steps away from our couch, but i told him that i don't need a doctor, i just have to get this Zenni Optical: Sell Rx Glasses $8 with case! for reading and that's all i need. Because my problem is only for reading and i am sure that this is just a solution to my problem.

Change My Life

I got this tag from pretty Ivy a week ago and i just got the chance to post it today. Hope she won't get upset with me lol! I know she won't, right pretty? Anyway, here's the result of the survey that pretty handed it to me. Thank you so much for this pretty! And for those who are interested to grab this just feel free!

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