Monday, March 8, 2010

Taking A Degree

My friend and i have been planning to go to school this coming school year. Right now i am still thinking of what should i take that will keep me going and will not regret later on for taking such a degree. My friend is now sure of what she is going to take, she is going to take the health information technology degree. I am not so certain if am good at it or i will survive to that kind of degree since i don't really know a whole lot of that kind of degree. For me i am going to take nursing. Ever since when i was young i have been dreaming to be one, wearing white and will take care of sick people that needs my service. My friend is excited for another step of her journey, and i am wishing her for the best, i hope she will finish her degree and will be able to find a very good opportunity that will give her a better and brighter future.

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