Monday, March 22, 2010

Squeaky Little Potato

My kids sure have different characters each of them. My oldest one the most quiet when he was just a baby. His younger brother is the most noisy one but amusing though. He is more attention seeker than his big brother. Hubby said that it might be because the oldest one knows that he's got all the attention he needed when he was a baby, while the younger one has to compete with his big brother to get our attention. I am not sure on that though but seems like hubby is right. He figured it out by observing the two boys. But anyway, our oldest one is growing to be one quiet boy, more fine and shy. Unlike our little one now always screams and whines just to have our attention focused to him. Please watch this video i just recorded this afternoon, how he can hurts our ear when he screams. He does a pretty good job on that, it can break our eardrums lol!

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