Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Boy Here!

I was busy taking care of my little one when suddenly i heard my 4 year old son screaming his throat out! The first thing came to my mind was i thought he got hurt, either he fell down, he bumped or he just did something that got him hurt. So even though i was having hard time to run because i was carrying his little brother, i rushed towards where he was at to find out what was going on why he screamed so loud. Then i just found out that he was looking by the window and saw outside that it started snowing real heavy.

He sure did got me on that! He got me scared but good thing he screamed because he just got so excited that the heavy snow is finally here. He's been asking me few days ago if it is going to snow and that it finally did, he was so happy and planning to make his snowman even though there is not much snow to gather yet to make a snowman. Well, i am really happy nothing bad happened to him but on the other hand he almost gave me heart attack, lol!

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