Tuesday, October 27, 2009

New Desktop Computer

Christmas holiday is getting so close and i reminded hubby about it. He said that it would be nice if he will buy me something this year since he didn't buy anything for me last year because i chose to roam the south part of the country instead. With that, it's a big present for me already, that i was able to see some other states of the country. Not very many people get to do that like our neighbor across the street. She told me i am so lucky that i was able to visit different states while she haven't been to many places yet. Take note! She is Caucasian and i am Asian.

Well anyway, back to what i am getting at, hubby asked me what do i want from him this year. I was thinking so deeply until i answered him my sweet smile. I remember my dear friend was surfing on the net, she is an online shopper and it is very convenient for her to shop online instead of going to the store and buy the things that she wants plus the fact that she gets to have lots of discounts. She showed me some coupons that she got and shared it with me. I thanked her because i was gonna tell hubby to buy me desktop computer at the store but she told me about the BestBuy coupons. So instead of going to the store, why not buy it online since it is more convenient indeed!

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