Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Thanks Goodness!

Thanks GOD my 4 year old son is not having swine flu like what i thought it was. We just barely got back from his doctor and the doctor found out that he is having an ear infection and bad tonsillitis. Now he is dosing off because i gave him his antibiotic that the doctor prescribed. Last night he had a very high fever, it was like 103.0 and i panicked, i wiped him with wet cold towel all over his body to cool him down. He was hallucinating, saying something so weird and pointing in the air although i don't see anything where he was pointing at.

Right now, he is asleep and i am looking forward for his fast recovery. He supposed to go to school earlier but i didn't send him because of his high fever. Hopefully he will be able to go to school on Friday. I really thought it was swine flu because he had the symptoms and it scared me so. It's really a heart breaking of a mother seeing a child sick. I cried last night while i was wiping him because he was shivering. He was talking weird last night while i was wiping him and he said something like he is red and i am blue. He got sick before too when we had our vacation last year in Philippines and was hallucinating too. He doesn't get sick very often but if he does he looks miserable, that's why i don't really wait for days, i take him to see the doctor right away making sure nothing serious is going on with him. Good thing he is just having infection and there is nothing serious problem....

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