Monday, October 26, 2009

Blue Eyed Boy

Did you guys remember i posted an update here about a girl that got me so fascinated with her bright blue eyes? Well, i didn't tell the world that i was pregnant that time, i kept it for personal reason. If you missed that update i got here long time ago, here's the link, so you can look at her bright blue eyes. Her name is Zooey Deschanel by the way. I have been wishing that someday GOD will give me a child that has blue eyes. But i was still depressed that time and didn't really think that i can have a baby that has blue eyes.

I was just surprised when i delivered my second boy last August and found out his eye color is sure different. There's no science explanation about this because according to my husband, for a child to have blue eyes, it has to be both parents that has blue eyes so the baby can have that genes. Just take a look at my baby's eyes, although they aren't as blue as Zooey's but aren't they blue?


Sweetiepie said...

my MIL said that if both parents are brown eyes, it happens all the time that your child turns out blue eyes! And I do believe so kay hubby`s niece and her husband are both brown eyes and their son is blue eyes!

Haze said...

Basta may historical background ang both parents with blue eyes then is not possible to produce one. Yeah, your hubby is right both parents should have history of blue eyes kaya mugawas jud ang genes sa next generation of whenever it is.

Blue eyes moha baby bitaw but unta dili na mausab until mag 1 yrs old cya or 2 yrs old kay I know few na natawo blue eyes until later nausab baya gyud. But if it happen na this baby boy of yours will marry a blue eyed woman in the future then they can have blue eyes baby, no doubt!