Thursday, October 22, 2009

Looking Forward

I just phoned my sister yesterday, she mentioned that she is going to continue her studies no matter how difficult to fit it in to her daily routine. She told me that she must finish her degree so she can find a better and good job that will fit her best. In fact, she encouraged me to do the same thing and she told me that i don't need to get dress and worry about where or who will take care of my kids since i can continue my college degree and enroll at online university. My sister heard about this university and she said that this is the best she found so far where i can take an online mba. This made me excited and anxious to go back to school again, and i am looking forward for a better career for myself in the future. I already told hubby about this matter and he agree that it is time for me, it would be very convenient for me to study while at home.

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