Thursday, January 15, 2009

Another Trip Coming?

I just realized that my passport is going to expire soon. And hubby is been asking me about it. I suppose to just let it expire and will take care of it later but he said that since he is still on a furlough on his job why not take care of it soon as we can. What hubby said was true. So i browsed the Philippine Consulate office in San Francisco and i found out that they just changed their requirements of renewing the passport. The applicants has to appear personally if ages 8 and above until 64 years old. 8 years old below and senior citizen ages 65 and above doesn't require to present themselves in person.

But anyway, so i belong to a category that i need to appear in person. I should do it because i don't want to travel there later this year for i have my own reason. Hubby is a little worried about it since it is winter time and more prone to accident in the road. I reminded him that we have traveled from here to Florida and back taking the North states and thankfully nothing happened to us, we got home safe and sound. Well, his excuse is California is more risky because it is a busy state and let's say there's more wild crazy drivers out there than here. I hope we'll get there safe and can get home safe as well. I just hate to think of accidents along the way and ended to take our car at bodyshop in california. I always pray every time we leave the house even though we just go out for dinner or something here in town that we will get home safe as it should be. We definitely cannot tell when the accidents is going to happen. So we better be careful and be more prepared about it.


Over The Top Aprons said...

I live in California, but at this point I will not drive in San F. or L.A, .... it is wild and crazy ... And so much of California is "road will". I pray you have a comfortable, safe trip.

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