Monday, November 9, 2009

Canker Sore!!!

Yes! I am having canker sore right now. Not just one but two of them. Beside my molar on the left side and underneath my tongue. Can you imagine the pain i am going through right now? It's terrible! It's hard for me to eat and even to drink water or milk. A lot of friends told me that it will help if i gargle warm water with salt on it, i did it and it actually did help a little bit but the pain is still there. Ouch! One friend told me that there is a cream for this so i can feel no pain anymore. It is actually for babies, if they are teething, this cream is really better for them so they will feel nothing. Well, i might try that and will buy it at the pharmacy since it is only an over the counter cream. Hope i will feel better soon enough, i hate having canker sore!!!

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