Thursday, October 22, 2009

Is It Snowing Yet?

My dear 4 year old son is been asking me over and over again. Mommy, is it snowing yet? I heard this question of his million times in a day. I guess he is just excited to play snow again. Last year we made a snowman together for the very first time and now he is excited to do it again. I don't think i could stay that long outside on snowy days but i bet my son can. I just don't know what's up with the cold that makes the kids so excited about it, for me it's a big no no to stay outside.

I always hibernate myself inside the house during winter time, i love to wrap myself up while drinking hot coco in front of my computer doing my daily online routine. Mommy, is it snowing yet? There he goes again, asking me and it's starting to be annoying, lol! Not yet son, you'll see when the ground is all white, then you can see it's snowing, ok? Alright mom.... My 4 year old son has endless questions ready for mommy and mommy has only limited answers to those questions he has in his smart brain...

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