Monday, October 26, 2009

Organizing Plans And Schedules

Have i told you guys i am going to continue my studies soon? Yes i will! And i am currently working on my plans and schedules as a wife, a mother to my two boys and to become a student once again. Although i am not financially prepared about it because i just gave birth almost 3 months ago but i am still glad i can have the college student loans which i can use for my studies soon. This is gonna be a big help for my financial problem since i don't want to bother hubby about it because he is paying a lot of bills including my hospital bills and also the baby's bills. At least with this kind of help, i can pay it myself in time and i have no worries to think about.

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Merydith said...

Darl nakasulod na ka finally sa pay u? good for you my dear kay maayo nalang ning naay mahikap hapit na ang pasko.