Saturday, January 3, 2009

Movie With Moral Lessons

My husband and i are movie lovers. We watch movie a lot since that's all we have as our past time if we are just inside the house. It makes us bonded even closer as family since we watch movie mostly with lessons and family related movies. With that, we get more idea and more knowledge how to become a good parents to our son and to become a better person ourselves to be a good example and to be a good citizen. After we watch the movie, we talk about it what we think and how we get influenced by the message of the movie. We love to talk about it so we can share our thoughts all the time to one another. Well as always, pop corn or pizza are in the coffee table for us to munch while we are watching the movie.

I heard from my friends that All Roads Lead Home The Movie is one of the must seen movie now. It got me interested because even when i go to the store a lot of people is talking about it. It must have been so exciting and a very interesting movie because a lot of people are fond to this movie. I am sure hubby would be so interested to watch this and so am i since it sounded like this movie brings moral lessons to every family. A very touching story of a little girl that cannot just simply let go of her past and move on. I cannot wait to see this movie you know, this is the kind of movie i really love to watch and i would definitely buy a copy for this so i can watch this over and over again! Post?slot_id=30375&url=http%3a%2f%2fsocialspark


Imelda said...

I am a couch potato myself and my children, too. I sure would love to watch this wirth my kids. Happy three kings, darl . . .

pariyo said...

I am a counsellor in a school in India, and was looking for a movie to show my teenage students. this sure is one of the movie i will show them.
Thank you.