Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Monthly Period

Arghhhh!!!! I have my second monthly period today since i gave birth and it is pretty heavy. It is always like this if i don't take anything like birth control pills or something. Before when i was taking pills my period is very light that i just could use a single pad a day, but now i can't. I have to change my pads every so often to prevent leaks. I remember when i had my very first period when i was just 11 years old, i didn't noticed that i had red spots on my school uniform because i was not aware i already had my period. One of my classmates noticed and told me about it and i felt so embarrassed because they teased me that the baby is now a lady, lol! Well, anyway, it's very normal for women so no big deal. Good thing i don't feel cramps and pains now like i used to when i was single. I heard that soon as you gives birth, cramps and pains will disappear every time your period comes, maybe it's true because i never felt any cramps and pains right after i delivered my first child.

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