Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

I just barely got back from taking my son to his school. He was really excited to see all his classmates because today they are all be wearing their halloween costumes. While i was dressing him up he kept telling me that i need to paint his face. So i did! And all his classmates were so scared of him because he looks like a real devil one. He looks like a little vampire lol! Too bad i wasn't able to take a picture of him because we were in hurry because i also have my doctor's appointment earlier before his time to school. But i will make sure i will take a picture of him later after i pick him up from school. He just can't wait to go for trick or treating, in fact he is practicing what he should say soon as the door opens for him lol! Silly boy but he sure is cute! He told me that he will say, TRICK OR TREAT!!! HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!!

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