Thursday, November 19, 2009

He Made A Mess!

I was so upset earlier because i told my son not to touch the cucumber pickles i just made that i put on the container and brought it here with me in the front room. Because of his endless curiosity, even though i already told him that he won't like it because it is too spicy for him, i put hot vinegar to it, he still opened it. He picked one and tasted it, then the last thing i saw was, he tripped the container off and spilled the whole thing on the table!!!

My temper boiled into the hottest point. I tried to control myself because i already told him not to touch it but he still did. Kids will always be kids anyway. So i told him that he already know what to do. He went straight to his room and locked himself in. He cried and cried, was really guilty for what he did, he just made a terrible mess. He almost wet my camera and my laptop which is nearby the container. Good thing i was able to grab a napkin real quick and stopped the vinegar from flowing towards my laptop. He could have break my electronic things, good thing i saw it right away. After a minute, he came out was still crying and asking an apology for what he did.

That's one thing i really appreciate about my son, once he knows he did something wrong, he apologize so quickly with tears. Meaning, he really meant what comes out from his mouth. He gave me a hug and that made my temper came back down to the coolest point. I told him better listen to Mommy all the time, because Mommy is not gonna tell him that is bad for him, it's always good for him. Hays! This kid! I told him that i love him so much and if he loves me too, he should listen to me all the time whenever i say something to him.

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