Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Teeth Flossing Is Good

My son sure loves to copy whatever Daddy or Mommy does. That's why we are very careful of things that we do or words that we use because we got a very observant kid here in the house. Just like flossing our teeth, which is really a good thing that he copies us so it will be a good habit of him to clean his teeth in between after brushing his teeth. Honestly, i don't floss my teeth before like i do now, it's not just in my daily habit to floss my teeth. But since i got here in America and gets dental appointment every six months, i learned that flossing the teeth is the healthy way to maintain your teeth clean and free from cavities and especially for bad breath.

But anyway, here's the video of my son flossing his teeth. He sure is proud to announce the world that he takes good care of his teeth really good using the complete clean floss.

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Jamie Lynn said...

Have you seen this product BrytonPick? its something in addition to floss...if you are like me and dont have time to floss after meals then this is perfect...check it out!