Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Another Surgery To Undergo

I had my appointment with the general surgeon yesterday about my second operation. I mentioned this operation to my other blog My Life, My World. Now, i am going to rant here all about it.

When i got confined at the hospital last August 3rd which i delivered my baby that very day, after the delivery i didn't stop bleeding, my blood level went down so low and wasn't able to respond the oxygen they put in my mouth like i was supposed to, in short, i wasn't breathing. So the doctor was wondering and started to worry about me. They had to wake me up and let me breath deep. I didn't know all about this was happening to me, it was my husband who told me all about it. He got so worried and scared. So the doctor did all the procedure he could do to find out what is wrong with me. I supposed to recover just fine although my incisions will still hurt but the doctor didn't expect to have me in a bad shape. So the doctor sent me to the CT scan room and ultrasound room to find out what's causing of my bleeding continuously. I had to comply all those test even though i was in terrible pain still with my surgery, for i was just barely out from the recovery room.

Thankfully, the doctor finally found out what is wrong with me. My gall bladder has stone and that is what causing of my bleeding and other problems. He talked to me and he suggested that it should be taken off and recommended the general surgeon that i talked yesterday about the operation. So, i am going to have another surgery to undergo tomorrow and hopefully everything will be fine afterwards. The surgeon said that i should not stay in the hospital for more than a day for it is only a quick surgery. I am just worried about my newborn because it will be daddy who will take care of him. As you know, daddies are not that good when it comes to babies. I guess, i just have to leave it to hubby and remind him everything what he must do while i am gone for a day.

So please co-blogger and friends, pray for me that everything will be fine for me... I will get back here and rant everything again as soon as my surgery is done and will be back home... Thank you and God bless us all!


Mamalot said...

Will pray for you dai... hope everything will be fine... ingats and pray!

Elda Carlson said...

Hope you feel better na Darl! God Bless You!!!

texas_sweetie said...

kuyaw kuyaw pud diay to imong sitwasyon mamu no.. karon ok naka diha? recovered naka?

Shinade aka Jackie said...

i hope you are doing good. it's been a while since you updated. I hope the surgery went well. God bless you and praying for a swift recovery!

klivengood said...

sana okay ka na karon..naa pa ra ba kay were right, ang daddy di kaayo kabalo sa babies, so sana okay ka kaya mo na mulihok..

Ingat lang palagi kay lisod jud diha kay di parehas sa pinas kay maski mag-away away usahay, magtinabangay lang man gihapon.

God Bless. Ingat.

Carrie said...

I pray everything went ok and your hubby did just fine