Thursday, December 3, 2009

Here Comes The Bride

Here comes the bride, all dress in white! Whew, i cannot just believe it! My ever favorite niece in law is now getting married! I am just so happy for her. She will finally enter the another step of her life, to be a married woman and will going to have her own family. I am a bit sad though because she will be away from us for sure after her wedding but on the other hand i am also glad that she finally found the right man that will share his life for better or for worse with my beautiful niece in law. Well, anyway i am very excited for the day of their wedding, there is no exact date yet but it will be sometime in MAY next year. I know i need to get ready ahead of time so everything will be ready before her very special day comes. I need to buy my boys their tuxedo so they will be looking so handsome. They need it because it's a temple wedding and we should be wearing a very elegant and decent looking outfit for the wedding day.

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