Friday, October 23, 2009

Genital Itchiness

For all the women in the world who happens to come by here, i have a question for you! Yes, you! Did you experienced this genital itchiness? I did! It was crazy and unbearable! I just could not stand it and it bothers me so much. Last night i rushed to the grocery store that has small over the counter pharmacy because i was looking for fast relief of my itchiness. Good thing that even though it was very late already, i was able to buy a tube cream that just worked well on me. Some people called this yeast infection.

Hubby was worried about it and he said that if it won't go away still, i might want to call my OB-GYN to set an appointment for this problem i have. I remember i had this before too when i was pregnant with my little one, it was just too itchy and i was so hesitant to scratch it because it might get worse and could cause more problem. The doctor gave me some pills to take, if i remember it right i was taking it one every other day. Good thing i found a cream that helped my problem last night. But i would still want to make an appointment to my doctor so she can give me the right medicine for this.


Mommy Scart said...

oi hala Darl parehas ta. nagka-infection pud ko ug Yeast sa una. natural daw na sya sa buntis. Wala ko nasayod ana maong nagpa-checkup dayon ko sa OB nako. mao giresitahan ko ug cream. im glad nawala na sya pag human nako ug anak sa akong ikatulo na baby.

Ingat Darl unta mawala na imong infection. katol raba gyud kaau na.

Haze said...

Hahahahaha, yes natural rana sa buntis bitaw. Mukatol jud ug maau graveh akong lage maghubag nalang ug kinawt, lol. Very natural sa buntis gyud tungod sa hormones ug after manganak pero mga pilahay kabuwan mawala ra na man.