Wednesday, December 9, 2009

My Very Funny Boy

I sure have a very funny boy here. Because he is too anxious to open up his presents under the tree, he always do some tricks on me. Like yesterday, he wanted me to greet him merry Christmas and then after i greeted him he asked me if he can open his presents, haha whatta a very wise boy i have here! And then later on he was playing train train then he said please say it Mommy, open! So i said what he wanted me to say. And then he said, now that you told me to open it means i can open my presents, hahaha you see? What kind of boy i have here, very funny and very entertaining. He sure does makes me smile all the time. Keep telling him not to open the presents until it's Christmas day. So i told him that he's still got few more days to go before the Christmas day comes... He seem just can't wait, silly boy!

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