Thursday, November 5, 2009

What A Small World!

What a small world indeed! You can never really tell who are you going to meet anywhere and it happens to be a relative or maybe a child to someone you knew. Just like what happened to me yesterday. I picked up my son from his school and waited there for a little bit because i got to his school before the kids came out from the school building. While i was waiting for my son inside my car, i saw a fire truck came by because the building next door called for help. I don't exactly know what is going on but all i see is there's fire trucks, ambulance and police cars.

Soon as the guy who drove one of the fire truck came out from the driver's seat, i recognized him right away. He is the son of one of my friend! I recognized him even though i haven't met him yet in person because i saw his picture with his mother in their house. So, since they were not too busy because there is nothing really big problem going on, i was able to talk to him and he was glad to meet me in person and so am i. Finally, we met in person, the son of my friend that she is bragging about. She told me that her son is been dreaming to be a fireman and now he actually is a fireman already! He chose to be a fireman and he is now. My son got so fascinated with his fire fighter uniform and he encouraged me that why not let my son take the Fire Service Careers in perfect time. I just answered him with my smile. Whatever my son would like to be when he grow up, i will support it, respect it and will give him good advice to every decision he makes in his life.

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