Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Favorite Holiday Treat

Written by my friend Teodoro Martin

One of my favorite treats during the holidays is candy canes. Even though you can buy peppermint throughout the year, there is just something special about a candy cane. When I saw an advertisement for candy canes on satellite TV, it reminded me that I needed to buy some for Christmas.

Candy canes make great Christmas tree decorations. We use candy canes instead of tinsel to dress up the tree. When I get ready for a snack, I will pull a candy cane off the tree. Edible decorations serve more than one purpose.

You can also use candy canes instead of bows. I do this all the time. It makes a pretty topping for a present and a nice treat.

Although my favorite candy canes are peppermint, I do occasionally try different flavors. They usually cost more, so I like buy a pleasing flavor. You can find all sorts of flavored candy canes. It is hard to beat peppermint though.

Mini candy canes are also fun. When I need a quick treat for a party, I will use mini candy canes. They always seem to go over really well. Candy canes are my favorite treat for Christmas because they are so versatile and fun.

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