Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Nativity Chirstmas ornaments

Guest post written by Becky Stewart

We live in a pretty small apartment, but it's nice to have a lot less cleaning to do. We used to live in a bigger one, but we downsized after our kids grew up. That also means that we don't have as much room for Christmas decorations as we used to, so I've had to get a little creative in the past few days to still keep a lot of my favorite decorations around without it looking like Christmas is taking over our home.

One of those things that I don't exactly have room for but didn't want to give up is a nativity scene. I went online to try and come up with a way to have a nativity scene, just without the surface size for it. While I was looking at that, I saw the website CLEARWIRELESSINTERNETSERVICE.COM and after looking through it, decided to order one of the internet packages on it.

I found some nativity scene ornaments that I thought were really adorable and thought that if I grouped those ornaments together on our Christmas tree, people would be able to tell that it's a nativity set.

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