Monday, December 20, 2010

Vacation After Holidays

Being a sailor is the most adventurous and nice job i know. Why? It is because you get to see the world for free and visit the tourists spots anywhere. We have two sailor men in our family, and they always tell us how nice it is to be in different places that they never have been before. Indeed, i must say, i could only imagine their excitement every time they dock to different countries and beautiful places that they go to. And take note, it's fare free, don't have to pay anything to get to the place! Although they work in the big ship, but after their working hours, they get to enjoy and explore the place, so how cool is that?

My younger brother is now in Jamaica. That's their destination right now, the ship that he is in travels worldwide so he's very lucky that he's been to many places already. He can only show me the pictures of the places where he went. They will be sailing again in a couple of days or probably will wait for a week to unload all their vans that are loaded with frozen meat and some other things. Anyway, he told me that they will be back there again, and suggested to why not go there to have the very first time Jamaica vacations. I mention that to hubby and he said that Jamaica is really a nice place to get away especially during winter. There's lots of nice beaches out there that we can go to. It sounds like hubby is agreeing my brother that we should go there, but we'll see.
Jamaica all inclusive vacations is indeed a great deal for everything is all in a package already. We don't have to worry where to stay for it is included already, all we do is just to enjoy the place and get the vacation's worth! We looked already over the net and we found some nice offers that has all inclusive resort. So, though i am not yet so sure that hubby will say YES to this, but i can just see in his eyes that he is interested about it. I'll just cross my fingers for this, who knows maybe later on he will say "Let's pack our things honey and get ready for another vacation"... Ohhh that would be soooo coool, and i love that!

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