Monday, December 20, 2010

Not Too Late Yet!

Guess what? I am just so happy that i found my long lost friend through the networking website. And she is happy that she finally contacted me after so many years of not having any communication between us. It sure feels like we did really met in person again, we chatted and viewed each other's webcam and we enjoyed our talk so much for we did reminisce everything during our childhood days. I am just so happy to see her once again!

Anyway, now that i found her, we both shared what we're up to after all these years, how's our life been going after we parted long long time ago. We both have our family of our own now and she's got two kids too, what's funny is she's got two girls and i got two boys and about the same age haha, what a coincidence! She must have tied the knot with her husband same as i did and gave birth to her little cuties about same year as i gave birth to my two kiddos hihi, so amazing, isn't it!

Well, she is now working in a spa as a manager and i am happy to know that she is doing so well. She is a woman with a very successful career. We talked a lot of things and she even mention something about her job that she was looking for a real nice looking spa uniforms for her and for her crews because they are planning to change their uniforms. So because i know a place where she can get what she's looking for, i gave her the site so she can look at it. She was impressed that she did not just find the uniform that she wanted to get, also she can refer the site to her friends that are working in the hotel that are also looking for a new hotel uniforms. She said it's not too late yet, and this coming New year, they wanted to wear the uniform jackets so to welcome the new year with a new color and style as their uniform. We bid goodbye last night with smile on our face, for sure we won't lost contact anymore for we already know our home phone numbers so we can call each other.

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