Monday, December 13, 2010

Scrabble Christmas ornaments

Guest post written by Janet Freeman

I've gone through a couple of Scrabble games over the years because no matter what I do, I seem to lose the letter pieces pretty easily and it makes it harder to play the game if you don't have all of the letter blocks that you're supposed to have. But, I love Scrabble! So I thought that maybe I could come up with some kind of Christmas craft with all those blocks to reflect how much I love the game.

I went online with my Cleartvbundle to figure out what exactly I could make. I thought about making an advent calendar with the point value on the pieces, but thought that might be confusing because the numbers are too small.

Instead, I came across this idea for Scrabble ornaments that actually use the little block holders. I thought that would be simple enough to do and even used the trusty old table saw to do this. I got my husband to help me do that because I'm kind of a clumsy person and the ornaments turned out looking so great!

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