Thursday, December 2, 2010

My Veggie Gobbler

Even when my oldest son was just a year old, i already noticed that he loves to eat vegetables rather than meat. I was so happy when i realized that, for i know that most mothers are having hard time to have their kids eat vegetables for some reason, mostly kids hates vegetables, and i don't have any idea why. My son is a vegetable gobbler, he can gobble any vegetables that i cook for him, even if it's just plain stir fry vegetables without anything with it. That is probably why he's heavy to carry, though he doesn't look so big but he sure is heavy because he eats nutritious meals.
I love to watch him eating vegetables because he can finish one big plate that i give him in just minutes. Unlike if i give him meat, he would just taste it and then leave it after. He'll chew the meat then spits it out, just probably getting the juice out of the meat. I must say that i am a lucky mother for i don't have trouble feeding my kids vegetables, they can eat it in no time no problem. My little one loves to eat vegetables too, especially leafy ones. The two boys loves zucchini vegetables the most, they are crazy of that vegetables. That's why i don't miss getting some whenever i go grocery shopping.

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