Monday, December 13, 2010

My Cute Little Janitor

In our four months of stay in Philippines with my kids, we enjoyed it pretty much every single day despite of the hot weather. The kids were irritated at first because we left here in Utah around spring time which was a little chilly still and their body reacted to a sudden weather change that made them cranky for few days when we got there. Especially my little one since it was his first time to be in his mother's homeland. It was a shock for him to be in the hot place and sweating all the time.
My little helper. This was taken during our vacation in Philippines
But later on as we stayed there for about a month, he's slowly adopting the hot temperature, we just have to keep turning on the fan for him so he won't get prickly heat all over him, as he already did but it wasn't that bad, which was good thing. He always whines and cry and wants to be held. Or maybe wanted to go out and explore the place where we at. So, to keep him busy, i just let him walk around by my mother's front lawn and do what he wanted to do. He found the broom stick and picked it up got him entertained lol! Looks like my little one is a cute janitor cleaning his granny's yard, hihi :) I tried to get that away from him and he just got so upset. One of most treasured pictures i have for my son that i can never have it here in America, hihi :)

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