Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Our Very First Gingerbread House

For the very first since i got here in America, i made a gingerbread house with my five year old son and i am so sure that this is going to be a "will be tradition" to my family every Christmas holiday just like the rest of the other families here in this country. Kids does love to create exciting little things such as gingerbread house and cookies for Santa. We'll make our cookies on Friday afternoon, i already bought the ingredients and the cookie cutter.

My five year old son is just so excited and anxious to do it. He even asked me earlier if we can make our cookies tomorrow instead since he's got no school anymore, but i told him better to make it on Friday to keep it fresh and taste good for Santa. I just can tell how happy he was when we made this gingerbread house earlier. He was my big helper, although there was a big mess after we made the gingerbread house, but it's alright though, we both had fun making it. It was our first time so i should say that it did came out real nice and beautiful, or is it? Well, whatever it looks like, still in the eyes of my son, our gingerbread house is just perfect!

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