Sunday, December 26, 2010

Tough Friend I Know

It has been for awhile when i saw my friend and until the other day we bumped each other at the store. We're so happy that we get to see each other again, she told me that she is quite busy taking care of her three kids all by herself, she is now divorced to her ex-husband that she's been dealing with for a long time. Finally she ended her problem that always gives her terrible headache. Anyway, she bid goodbye to me and did not stayed very long because she was about to go to payday loans company to get some extra money for the holidays for her kids. She's got a lot of bills to pay but she also wants to get her kids's presents that's why she has no choice but to seek help from loan company. I feel bad that she has to raise her kids all by herself but also proud of her that she is doing it with all her fighting spirit.

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