Sunday, December 26, 2010

Disappointed Me

Yes, i am disappointed today because we are expecting a good day and we already planned to take the kids out to see a different kinds of formation of colored Christmas lights in Ogden City but then it is currently snowing so hard! I doubt it if this snow will stop later because i can just tell that the snow is going to last until it gets dark just like what happened during the thanksgiving day, it lasted until two days. Oh well, there's still plenty of time though. Maybe it's not a perfect time for us to go today and we'll just do it instead tomorrow or maybe before hubby goes back to work and our kindergarten boy goes back to his school.

Few more days and the year will be over and the new year is fast approaching. We are somehow excited but hubby said that soon as the new year comes, it only means that the holidays is over for him and it's time for him to get going again and do what he must do. But he is glad and grateful for these holidays that he was able to spend quality time with his family. We'll just have to do some fun activities before his vacation will be over.

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