Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My favorite shortbread cookies

Guest post written by Maxine Bryant

Really complicated cookie recipes are good and all, it's amazing what people will put in cookies and they'll end up tasting delicious. But I guess that if you put enough sugar in a cookie most anything in it will taste good. I, however, opt for the really simple, good things. Around this time of the year I always pull out my shortbread cookie recipe and fix lots of batches of them for the holidays.

Shortbread cookies were always my favorite growing up and I would beg my mom to make those cookies for Christmas instead of the classic sugar cookies that we decorated with sprinkles like she always did anyway. I was thinking about that the other day and looked up a bunch of variations on shortbread cookies. While I was doing that I came across this website and ended up changing over our internet service to it after I read through all of the info.

Even though I was thinking about making some special shortbread cookies for the holidays this year, I just decided to stick with my classic recipe that I like so much.

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