Friday, December 10, 2010

Malibu Rehab Treatment

I feel so sad when i heard about the news of my friend. She feels so down today because her son is being sent to malibu rehab treatment place to get treated from his addiction. She did not know that her son got involved to such bad habit that led into addiction. She would never thought that her son would get into such thing because he's been such a good son to her ever since. She was just so shocked when she found out that her son is no longer the son she knew. I feel for her, and it worries me because i have two boys and i cannot deny that there are a lot of bad influences outside the house that my boys might get into, which i pray and hope they won't. I just have to get attached to them as much as i can and remind them all the time as possible as i can. That way they will know that we, their parents do care and love them very much.

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