Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Seafood Sandwich Is I Love

I never did like sandwich before, not until i got here in America and hubby introduced it to me. I am a scared chicken when it comes to trying new food and i always worry that i might not like it and it might make me throw up. I started to like the sandwich when we traveled two years ago with my family. Since we pretty much drive to get to our destination quick, hubby suggested that it will be good to just buy a to go food with us so we can just eat at the car while driving. I never did like that idea, i always want to stop somewhere where there's some fine dining restaurant that serves a real good food for us to enjoy.
It was back 2008 trip when hubby bought me two foot long sandwich and each of them has different flavor. The other one is ham and the other one is seafood. I grabbed the ham because i simply love ham and i was starving then. And hubby told me to why not try the seafood as well. I just smirked at him and gave him mocking face. But when he went to the restroom at the rest stop somewhere, i thought of trying the seafood sandwich he suggested me to try. Just right after a bite of it, i fell in love with the taste right away! He came back and saw me eating it. He laughed at me because i always am scared to try something new. And since then, whenever hubby buys something new food that is new to me, i always try it for i might fall in love with it just like what happened to me when i tasted the seafood sandwich, hihi...

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